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Juan Manuel Fangio: The stars were on his side

Before they became a successful Formula 1 driver, astrologer Xul Solar pointed him out as a man of great destiny.

A year before their successes began in the F1, the astrologer Oscar Agustín Alejandro Schulz Solari, popularly known with Xul Solar, predicted that Juan Manuel Fangio era "A man called to great destinies, as announced in his life by the astral gods." And he was not wrong: five titles that Chueco achieved in F.1, his 24 wins and the fame achieved worldwide are the strongest proof.

Schulz Solari, a distinguished comprehensive artist born on December 14 1887 in San Fernando, he actively participated in the aesthetic renovation proposed by the newspaper Martin Fierro.

Juan Manuel FangioHe was an eccentric, polyglot, musician, writer and painter, but he also developed occult, esoteric and astrological practices. "Xul Solar is one of the most unique events of our time", his friend ever said Jorge Luis Borges.

Through the study he published in the journal Car in Sight! In 1950, Xul Solar announced the great destiny that awaited Fangio, born 110 years ago in Balcarce, Buenos Aires province. This analysis was divided into three parts: astrology, palmistry and graphology.


Juan Manuel Fangio Xul Solar"On the one hand there are successes and luck, and on the other a discontent even with himself, sometimes manifesting lonely with certain hints of coldness. Jupiter with the Sun, they indicate him imaginative, peaceful and optimistic, with impeccable morals and ethics, and above all magnanimous. Mars, on the other hand, in bad aspect with Neptune, shows him rebellious with the banal and everyday. That is, he does not easily tolerate vulgarity, because his spirit constantly needs to be in contact with something higher, dedicating himself completely to what he is truly passionate about and out of the ordinary. You have therefore chosen the career that best suits your personality. The position of the Moon in the eighth house can help a sensational event in your life, either publicly or intimately, and Pluto, in conjunction with the Sun, predicts great mental activity and precision, alert intelligence and, sometimes , enthusiastic and versatile in adventures ”.


“His medium-sized hands and elongated fingers reveal a modest person, with good feelings, methodical and gifted with exceptional conditions for success. The star on the mount of Venus, predicts five years of great glory, two of them, the 49 and what goes from the 50, already fully achieved, although its future without being defined, appears bright ”.


Juan Manuel Fangio“Capital letters do not have an ornament, but they are uneven, without losing the method. In general, he has a small handwriting, reflecting his already proverbial modesty. As for the separation that he leaves between word and word, the signs clearly establish his generosity of spirit, by not taking into account the waste he makes between the lines. The ends of the letters turned towards each other, and with tight features, signify an open sincerity and the dots on the “i's” a short distance from them, signify honesty and liveliness ”.

Xul Solar concludes the article in Coche a la Vista! affirming that Juan Manuel Fangio has, “A complete harmony for its many points of contact between the exposed sciences. As if her advent into the world had already arrived with the sign of a secular star that distinguished her with the supernatural powers of the victor ”. 



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