Juan Pablo Montoya affirms that he won the Triple Crown ...

The Colombian finished 15th overall and won the LMP2 Pro Am class ...

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El Monaco Grand Prix de F1, The Indianapolis 500 y 24 Hours of Le Mans They are, for their history and significance, the most important races in the history of motorsport. They integrate the call Triple Crown, an honorary title that has only been won by one driver, the English Graham hill… At least that was until the last edition of the endurance competition. Since the Colombian Juan Pablo Montoya claims to have repeated the achievement with his triumph in class LMP2 Pro Am...

Montoya, who celebrated once at the Monegasque GP and won the Indy 500 twice, finished 15 ° in the general with him Oreca 07-Gibson of DragonSpeed What did he share with the Swede? Henrik Hedman and English Ben hanley.

Juan Pablo MontoyaThe trio reached 15 laps of the Argentine Jose Maria Lopez, English Mike conway and the Japanese Kamui Kobayashi, who crossed the finish line first with the Toyota GR10 HYBRID of Toyota GAZOO Racing. However, Montoya has said he has matched Hill.

“For me the Triple Crown is there. The one who likes it well and the one who doesn't too. We went to run the same 24 Hours of Le Mans that everyone else runs and we won the race, whoever likes it "said the former Formula 1 in dialogue with ESPN.

Juan Pablo MontoyaWhen they asked him about his other triumphs in the emblematic tests, he said: “Everyone at the time has been very tough. Monaco was special. I've won the Indianapolis 500 twice and I've always been close, while I've run Le Mans three times. In the first I was third, in the second the car was damaged and this year I won in the category I raced ”.

Finally, Montoya explained that it is funny for him to compare each of the categories that participate in the test taking into account the difference in performance between the vehicles of the different classes.

Juan Pablo Montoya“It's a bit funny because if you are in a Toyota, which is the one that won the general classification, you run in a category with only five cars. The Toyota are much faster and won by five laps. So what is fairer? Fight eight cars or two?He said.

As much as Montoya rants, the reality is that Le Mans is won by the first car to cross the finish line after 24 hours no matter what category it is in ...

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  1. Juan Pablo Montoya is the most competitive and winning Latin American driver in the Modern history of motorsport, winner in everything he has raced, if he won in that category because Lemans won in the category that he raced ... thank goodness he still has gas to win me again in whatever category. So some of them area the xxxx ..

  2. Argentines are burning the xxxx because he is a Colombian and if he has the triple Crown and Montoya is a winning pilot in what they put ... and batteries that his son comes behind ... for F1 ...

  3. Good afternoon, the subject is more one of understanding, if this race admits that there is only one winner, then let them keep the 6 or 8 cars of the elite category, but if that were so, then there would be no race because economically it would not work, So to have more teams, classifications divide it, knowing that a team from the last classification will never be able to beat those in the first load, for me in conclusion, because if I win in their category and as he says, he says well, and if not, too.

  4. Yes, and with McLaren in 2006 he was champion, only that he cracked like a rat leaving the team for its dire results. If this guy had won the absolute LMP2, (because the car is an LMP2, the ProAm is given to him by the combination of drivers), I could understand his point. Even if he hadn't won them anyway, his idea might make sense. But let's not ask a proud man for logic.

  5. Montoya is a phenomenon but his approach does not make sense, it is like considering all the drivers who won it racing in Formula 2 champion of Monaco.

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