KITT: The Fantastic Car

The black Pontiac Trans Am Firebird with flashing lights that made an entire generation fantasize.

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During the 1980s a TV series captivated the public thanks to its particular protagonist: a black car that could talk and do incredible things. It was about Knight Rider, which in Argentina was known as The fantastic car.

The vehicle in question was called PUTTY and it was a creation of the corporation Knight Industries Two Thousand, hence its name. Your driver was Michael Knight, a former cop played by David Hasselhoff.

Knight, as indicated at the beginning of each chapter, was "A lonely young man embarked on a crusade to save the cause of the innocent, the defenseless and the weak in a world of criminals who operate outside the law."

PUTTYThanks to the magic of television, KITT spoke, handled himself and interacted with Michael thanks to a central computer with what we would now call AI (Artificial Intelligence).

It had 1.000 megabytes of memory and an access time of one nanosecond, that is to say like any current Smarthpone ... In addition, it had Turbo Boost to jump over obstacles and Ski mode to lean on two wheels.

KITT was a Pontiac trans am firebird, a model that was very popular in the United States at that time. Precisely the commercial success of that vehicle was a big problem for the producers of the series since it was difficult for them to get the necessary number of units to adapt them to the demands of the plot.

One of the characteristics of the black car was its front, equipped with flashing red lights that at that time transmitted to the audience a certain sensation of technological advancement.

In addition, it had an interior packed with digital gauges and a steering wheel. Gullwing with two handles that started from the center in a horizontal position. Knight could communicate with him instantly with the phrase "KITT, I need you" using your watch, something that today is also possible to do ...

The Knight Rider series was originally broadcast on the network NBC and ran for four seasons between 1982 and 1986. For the 90 episodes issued were used more than 20 Pontiac Trans Am for different scenes, such as those with only Hasselhoff, those of jumps and skids in which lightened units with fiberglass body were used and others with controls hidden behind the rear seat for the shots in which the car was driven only.

The popularity of KITT lasted over time and is still fondly remembered today thanks to those fictional technologies that at that time seemed incredible and are now a reality.

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