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How Nissan fights against dehydration in drivers


A 2015 study funded by the European Hydration Institute and conducted by Loughborough University, UK, revealed the importance of being properly hydrated while driving a vehicle.

In that study it was found that:
-The drivers who had taken only one sip of water (25ml) per hour made more than double the number of errors on the road than those who hydrated adequately.
-The number of errors was equivalent to those shown by drivers with a blood alcohol level of 0.08 per cent the maximum limit currently in the UK.
-Bugs included late braking, skidding within a lane, and even crossing lines in lanes.
-In addition, approximately two-thirds of the drivers were unable to recognize the symptoms of dehydration (tiredness, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, and especially slower reaction times).

Simply drinking more water can help solve the problem. A 2013 study by two universities found that people who drank a pint of water before performing mental tasks had reaction times that were 14 percent faster than those who had not drunk.

Some automakers, such as Nissan, have realized the importance of hydration while driving and that is why they developed a system that equips the Juke off-road vehicle with alert of this situation.

In conjunction with Dutch design brand Droog, a coating with state-of-the-art sweat detection technology called SOAK has been integrated into the Juke's steering wheel and front seats. The result is a simple, yet effective, warning device that warns drivers that they need to drink more water.

The SOAK coating works in a very simple way: changing color when it is in contact with perspiration. When dehydrated, the SOAK coating turns yellow; when rehydrated it acquires a blue color.

Spaniard Lucas Ordoñez, inaugural winner of the Nissan GT Academy and currently a NISMO (Nissan Motorsport) driver, appears in a video created to increase awareness of the impact of driving while dehydrated.

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“While many athletes know very well to stay hydrated, many people outside of sports are still unaware of the impact of dehydration on physiological performance. The sweat detection technology built into a car is an innovative way to highlight this fact, helping by directly warning the driver of a potential danger, ”said Dr. Harj Chaggar, NISMO Medical Consultant.

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