The FIA ​​issued on the case of Sebastian Vettel at the Hungarian Grand Prix

The entity rejected Aston Martin's appeal and confirmed the German's declassification.

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La International Automobile Federation (FIA) streaky to re-examine German's declassification Sebastian Vettel after Hungarian Grand Prix de F1, appealed by his team, Aston Martin.

At the end of a videoconference hearing, the commissioners considered that the "new" elements contributed by the British team did not justify a new study of their decision. Therefore, the race and World Cup classifications remain unchanged.

Sebastian VettelSecond when the checkered flag was flown in the Hungaroring from Budapest on August 1, Vettel was declassified as it was not possible to remove a liter of fuel from his tank, as stipulated by the regulations.

Having argued that there was more than a liter of gasoline in the German's car, further analysis by Aston Martin showed that, in fact, there was less than a liter left. "Due to an initially unnoticed malfunction of the fuel system."

But, the commissioners explain in an official document, according to the regulations, "Knowing why there was less than a liter (in the tank) does not make a difference" y "Stating that no performance advantage has been obtained is not a defense."

To be granted a review, "Aston Martin would have had to present facts to show that there was indeed more than a liter of fuel left" in the car, they concluded.

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