The FIA ​​will have its tires in its sights from the French GP

The governing body wants to prevent teams from taking advantage by disobeying the parameters recommended by Pirelli.

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La International Automobile Federation wants that, once and for all, the teams of the F1 follow the recommendations it makes to the letter Pirelli on the use of their tires, something that has been questioned in those races in which the tires have broken due to circumstances beyond their manufacture. As happened in the last Azerbaijan Grand Prix with the abandonments of Max Verstappen (Red Bull) and Lance stroll (Aston Martin).

To give a definitive cut to the matter from the Grand Prix of France exhaustive controls will be carried out this weekend. They will be so punctilious that each team was sent a 12-page dossier which describe what can and cannot be done.

Pirelli tiresOne of the most sensitive issues is presión, which cannot be controlled in real time at the moment, although it will be possible from 2022. In that sense, the responsibility of following the recommended parameters will be of the teams.

In addition, the checks will be intensified to prevent the tires from cooling down after each team has reported the minimum pressures of the compounds. In this sense, the teams will have 30 seconds to get your vehicle out on the track from the moment the heating blankets are removed.

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen unloads his anger against the Pirelli tire.

The condition of the tires will be measured before the start of qualifying and the race. All checks will be carried out using gauges supplied and calibrated by Pirelli and sealed by the FIA. While the temperatures will be controlled through an infrared gun.

Any car that does not pass the checks prior to the start of the Grand Prix after the three-minute signal for the start could be forced to start from the pitlane.

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