Formula 1 close to returning to Argentina?

The government would be making arrangements for the F.1 to run in the country in 2023 or 2024. Termas de Río Hondo sounds like the stage for the GP.

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"The interest is." With that phrase, a national government source confirmed to autoworld the ambition of the state to re-organize a career of F1 en 2023 o 2024... as if from a electoral promise it was

The government's idea of ​​putting the Argentine Grand Prix again in the calendar of the Maximum is not a novelty. In 2020, Matias Lammens, who at that time was the brand new Minister of Tourism and Sports, expressed this possibility in an interview with the Spanish newspaper As.

“We would like to work so that in a few years Formula 1 returns. For Argentina it would be very interesting at a sports and tourist level. Although it is an important investment, I think we can work with some private sponsors to achieve it ”, he said at the time.

However, the priorities of the government of Alberto Fernández They changed with the appearance of the coronavirus and the dream of F.1 was shelved. In fact, in last september Lammens himself confirmed it to autoworld, at the time of the presentation of the new agreement between Santiago del Estero and MotoGP to perform the Argentine GP in Rio Hondo hot springs but also 2025.

"Today that is not on the agenda ... I do not like to talk about assumptions because one knows the expectation that Formula 1 generates and also the illusion that awakens in such an iron country", the official said. “Today we do not have it on the agenda, but of course it would be a wish and a dream come true. It would be important for Argentina, but it is not something we have in mind "added. Of course at that time, the legislative elections had not yet been held ...

As Lammens himself said Formula 1 wake up "a lot of hope" in Argentina and that appears as a great ace up your sleeve for the 2023 presidential elections. That is why the project would have already begun to bring the country back to the category, something that happened for the last time in 1998.

It is said that there were already contacts with Stefano domenicali, CEO of F.1; and the cannons are aimed at Termas de Río Hondo, like the governor of Santiago himself Gerardo Zamora He wished for it at that MotoGP event.

Rio Hondo hot springs“Around the same time that the Argentine GP of the Motorcycle World Championship was lost, the Formula 1 date was also lost. Today we recover one of those dates and it would be good for Argentina to also recover F.1… Hopefully that it may occur at some point, but that escapes us. This is a business decision and it requires the support of the national government ", analyzed Zamora at that time. Y that endorsement to which he was referring would already be.

Also on the list is The Villicum (San Juan), whose circuit was created at the time with the expectation of receiving the IndyCar from the United States, and even Mar del Plata man with a street map, perhaps refloating the project that had the signature of Herman Tilke, the favorite architect of the F.1.

Buenos Aires would be ruled out. Not only because of the huge investment required, but because of the political color of the own City of Buenos Aires.

The only drawback of Termas de Río Hondo and El Villicum is the hotel industry since there are not too many hotels of the level required by F.1. It would be necessary to see if the category is willing to give up that to run in any of these places that are close to achieving the 1 degree homologation of the FIA.

But for now ... more wishes than anything else.

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