The new Formula 1 would have the same performance as the current ones at the end of the year

An engineer who worked on the development of the new monopost spoke about its performance.

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The performance of the F1 de 2022 has been questioned as a result of a series of comments from some pilots, such as the British Lando Norris (McLaren) and the Mexican Sergio Pérez (Red Bull), who have had the opportunity to test them in the simulators of their respective teams. 

Apparently with the new regulation the cars are not so pleasant to drive and, in addition, they are not so fast. Although this is a first impression in a virtual environment since the first contact with a track will only be at the beginning of February.

Formula 1 2022To end any controversy, Pat symonds, one of the engineers who worked on the new vehicle, said that the cars will be slower early in their development, although they estimate that in their first year they will match the performance of the current ones. 

“We can imagine that the new cars could be, on average, half a second slower than the current ones at the beginning of the season, but could tie them at the end of the year. I say 'could' because we still do not know the level of development that this regulation allows ”, Symonds explained in a talk with Auto Motor und Sport.

The new cars will generate more downforce, although they will have a weight gain of 38 kilos. Added to that is the use of E10 fuel, more friendly to the environment, but that will give less power to the engines.

In his talk with the German media, the engineer spoke about some "grays" of the new regulations and made it clear that, "The FIA ​​and the F.1 engineers have already closed some loopholes that they discovered themselves or that caught the attention of the teams."

In addition, the technician warned that the International Automobile Federation will be relentless if it discovers that any equipment does not comply with the regulations. "The FIA ​​could prohibit a development if it believes that it does not comply with the spirit of the regulations," he concluded.

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