Half a lap on Earth to develop 18-inch Formula 1 tires

Pirelli completed the development phase of the new compounds. It covered 20.000 kilometers of tests and used 1.568 tires.

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The stage of development of 18-inch Pirelli tires who will use the F1 en 2022 has been closed this week on the French circuit of Paul ricard after holding the last test with the extreme water tire together with Alpine and its pilot Daniil Kvyat.

The change to the new low profile covers It represents a technical revolution for the reference category of motorsport, which has been developed after an intense research and development program both in the laboratory and on the track.

Formula 1 2022Compared to current covers of 13 inchesThe current 18's have been designed from the ground up, forcing Pirelli engineers to rethink every element of the rubber: from the profile to the structure to the compounds.

They have dedicated 28 days of track testing throughout 2021, a figure that rises to a total of 36 if those that took place between the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 are included, before the start of the pandemic.

The development phase of the new 18-inch tires has been a very thorough operation from start to finish. More than 10.000 hours to rehearsals laboratory and other 5.000 simulation, of which have arisen 70 virtual prototypes that have led to 30 physically built later put to the test on the track.

Pirelli 18 inchA total of 4.267 test laps, covering more than 20.000 kilometers, almost half a turn to the Earthconsuming 392 sets of tires o 1.568 decks.

Almost all teams have participated in the training program, with a total of 19 drivers at the wheel, 15 of whom participated in the championship. "His role in the development process has been crucial, and his impressions throughout it have been of great help", explained the Italian brand.

“Last year, the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to review the program and cancel track testing to focus on laboratory testing and virtual development. This procedure has helped us to optimize the number of real prototypes manufactured for the 28 days of on-track testing in 2021. This entire process started with the design of the rubber profile, before moving on to the carcass and, finally, to the five compounds that we will approve in 2022 ”, explained Mario isola, responsible for Pirelli in F.1

Pirelli 18 inch“The results obtained have come with the inestimable collaboration of the different pilots who are currently competing in the contest, a vital aspect for Pirelli, even if it has been using test 'muletos'. Next season we will have a few test days at our disposal, which will help us to fine-tune the tires if necessary. When the FIA ​​validates the 2022 specification, drivers will have these new tires at their disposal in the post-Abu Dhabi GP test. Now, we will have to wait for the 2022 preseason training to see the tires on the new cars for the first time. ", the Italian coach finished.

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