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Formula 1 sprint races could have their own champion

Ross Brawn, the sports manager of the category, admitted that it is a possibility.

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The result of a recent survey showed Liberty Medium, the company in charge of organizing the World Cup F1, which include the sprint format It has been a success and that is why they want to take this system to the extreme, which It could see two drivers' titles up for grabs in 2022.

One of the parameters that they have taken to determine the success of the qualifying races on Saturday that they already tested in the Great Britain GP e Italy It was the television rating, which had a considerable increase compared to a usual Saturday with only the classification as attractive.

Formula 1 2022However, a survey conducted among 167.000 viewers of F.1 gave them the necessary courage to evolve the system with some changes since for the 40% the sprint "Improved the show" against 34% who disagreed.

Ross Brawn, sports director of the F.1, admitted that in 2022 there will be six events with this format, it would have some changes. Among them is being shuffled give more points and that To form the starting grid, reverse the order of the top ten in Friday's classification, so the poleman would start tenth.

Such is the confidence they have in the scheme that they want it to be a second race within the event, that it would keep Sunday's Grand Prix as the main course. That is to say, it would be neglected that his result forms the starting grid for the Sunday race, something that would once again be exclusive to qualifying.

But the most striking thing is that these Saturday races could be part of a second championship within the World Cup. "It's a posibility", Brawn told

Regardless of the sporting aspect, Liberty Media think that it can attract new specific sponsors for the sprint, as happened with "This could be a very attractive aspect for other business partners", admitted the former team-manager.

“The trick is to ensure that the main event, which is Sunday's competition, is never cannibalized. Whatever we do, we are aware that we do not have to detract from it ”, Brawn clarified.

What do you think about a Formula 1 with two champions?

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