Formula 1 will use 100% sustainable fuel in 2030

The top category wants to ensure its sustainability for the future, something that includes a new generation of engines by 2025.

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La F1 announced its sustainability plans for the future, which go through a new generation of engines by 2025 and use a 100% sustainable fuel by 2030, when the specialty plans to reach the zero carbon footprint.

In 2022, F.1 will premiere the E10 fuel, a mix of 90% fossil fuel y 10% ethanol, and the long-term project is that 100% of the fuel is created in the laboratory using non-food waste or biomass, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions from fossil gasoline by at least one 65%.

Photo: Clive Rose / Getty Images.

The top flight plans that these new sustainable fuels have the same energy density as current fossil fuel gasoline, which means that cars will be as fast as they are now.

It is estimated that there will be 1.800 billion cars on the road by 2030, with only 8% of those battery electric vehicles (BEVs) pure, while internal combustion engines will remain essential for air and sea travel, as well as transportation.

"By spearheading the development of 100% advanced sustainable direct fuels, Formula 1 can play its role in making a huge impact on greenhouse gas emissions from the global transport sector.", F.1 indicated in a statement.

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