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Opel Classic created a website that allows you to take a virtual tour of its history.

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The German brand Opel It offers a virtual tour through the most emblematic moments of its history through Through this website you can visit in a virtual way the exhibition of the old charging station K6 from the factory enclosure Rüsselsheim anytime. This experience includes four themed tours: Alternative thrusters, Rally, The happy twenties y Mobility for millions.

During the 360 degree tour, visitors first enter the “sacred halls” of the Opel Classic collection. This is where the lightning mark houses its true treasure, with more than 600 cars and historical studiesas well as others 300 exhibitsFrom Opel sewing machines to an airplane engine.

Opel ClassicEach filtering bag yellow information points they light up in those vehicles that belong to the selected thematic route. This allows interested visitors to get closer to the product of the corresponding exhibition, such as a bicycle, a motorcycle, a car or a prototype. When you click on the indicated point, new information is displayed; the "profiles" explain the historical importance of the exposed product and its technical characteristics.


ALTERNATIVE PROPELLERS: Focuses on unusual models, such as the automobile RAK 2 of 1928, which, propelled by a solid fuel rocket in its rear part, broke various records or the first electric prototypes, such as the Opel Impuls I 1990, and successfully tested hydrogen vehicles, most of them based on the Zafira, from the Opel HydroGen 1 to 4.

Rallies: Opel Classic also shows virtually its legendary rally cars. The highlight are the models driven by Walter Röhrl, European champion 1974 with a Opel Ascona and world champion in 1982 with a Opel Ascona 400, Y de Jochi Kleint, 1979 European champion also with an Opel Ascona.

Opel ClassicIn addition, the mythical Opel Kadett 4 × 4, planned for the World Rally Championship and used in the Paris-Dakar. The Opel ADAM R2, four times Junior European Champion from 2015 to 2018; and the Opel Corsa-e Rally, the world's first 100% electric rally car.

THE HAPPY TWENTY YEARS: That unbridled period of inventions launched towards the pursuit of world records. For this, racing bicycles, rocket bikes and even airplanes were created. In addition, chain production was the new efficient way to build vehicles, allowing car prices to plummet and models like the Opel Laubfrosch were available to many.

MOBILITY FOR MILLIONS: After the Opel Doktorwagen and Laubfrosch, it was above all the Rüsselsheim compacts that provided mobility for millions of people. The first Cadet hit the roads 85 years ago, followed by ten generations of Kadett and subsequently Astra.

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