The importance of transmission oil and coolant

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Currently it is very common for the user of a vehicle to consider as the only maintenance task the engine oil and filter change, ignoring other control points that require the same attention as those previously mentioned, such as the transmission oil and the liquid refrigerant.

It is because of that TotalEnergies presents a brief overview of transmission oils and coolants to raise awareness of their importance and care.


The transmission fulfills the function of taking the power generated by the engine and transferring it to the axles of a vehicle, so that from there it can finally reach the wheels and propel the vehicle. Generally speaking, there are three types of transmissions:


LubricanteIn general they have five or six speeds and require the actuation of the clutch to engage the gears. They consist of a primary shaft, a secondary shaft and an intermediate counter shaft. The lubrication of the parts is carried out by splashing, that is to say that the mechanical organs, in their movement, drag the oil from the crankcase of the box and project it towards the interior, thus lubricating the internal components.

The lubricants used must have adequate viscosity, extreme pressure properties, antifoam properties and a low freezing point. The products offered by TotalEnergies for this case are:


gearboxThis technology is gaining greater share around the world. The most widely used automatic transmissions consist of a torque converter and an epicyclic gear train. In this case the power transmission occurs through clutches and brakes. Automatic boxes use a special fluid called ATF, from its acronym in English Automatic Transmission Fluid o Automatic Transmission Fluid.

Both for these boxes and for other types of technologies (for example, CVT, DSG, etc.) it is very important that the lubricant to be used satisfies the requirements requested by the vehicle manufacturer.

TotalEnergies developed specific lubricants for each of the multiple automatic transmission technologies; being all of them suitable for any operating condition:


Shipping is intermediate components between gearbox and wheels of a vehicle. They allow the independent rotation of each wheel, thus avoiding possible skidding. There are different types of axles and differentials depending on the vehicle, and they can be either separated or integrated into the gearbox. Axle / differential oils must mainly have high extreme pressure properties, thus being able to withstand the very high loads transmitted without compromising the integrity of this component. TotalEnergies' range of axle / differential lubricants consists of:


In the past, engine cooling systems only incorporated water, since it is the optimal fluid for heat exchange. Unfortunately, water encourages corrosion and provides very limited protection against freezing in low temperature environments.

RefrigerantCurrently more modern coolants have the addition of corrosion inhibitors of various technologies and, likewise, long-lasting antifreeze agents are incorporated into its formula. Thanks to all its components, the cooling liquids allow to optimize both the heat transfer as well as to protect the cooling circuit and the use at low temperatures, maximizing the useful life of the circuit and of the fluid itself. TotalEnergies has a complete range of refrigerants oriented to each need:

It should be borne in mind that for all the fluids that a vehicle uses, each manufacturer determines a specific time interval based on the type of service and operating conditions. For this reason, it is recommended to identify and record the information detailed in this note, which is usually specified in the vehicle manual, to ensure optimal maintenance.

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