The wonderful story of the Lancia Delta S driven by Jorge Recalde in 1986

This car was delivered by Lancia as part of payment to Bruno Saby, who later sold it to Armin Schwarz. Now it is one of the most precious jewels in the collection of the former German pilot.

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For rally lovers, the cars of the Group B, that category of true thoroughbreds that ran in the World Cup between 1982 and 1986, they are relics worth worshiping. And if they are spear, much better since the Italian company was a benchmark at that time. Among the many collectors there are of this type of vehicle, the German stands out Armin Schwarz, who raced in the WRC between 1988 and 2005 for brands such as Toyota, Mitsubishi, Ford, Skoda y Hyundai.


One of the jewels that Schwarz has in his collection is very close to the feelings of the Argentines since it is about the Lancia Delta S4 that the Cordoba ran Jorge Recalde at 1986 Rally Argentina thanks to an invitation from Cesare Fiorio, the legendary team-mananger of the official team Martini Racing. With that vehicle, which weighed 890 kilos and had a turbo engine that delivered 500 horses, the one from Mina Clavero finished fourth and he made such a good impression that he joined the Italian team.

The history of this S4, which was only used in two races and that Schwarz proudly sports alongside a 037 and Stratos that was bought with his first pilot salary, is very particular. After that competition in the mountains of the Mediterranean province, it was not used again. At the end of that year and after the decision of the International Automobile Federation to lower its thumb on Group B for considering them very dangerous, the car was given as part of payment to the French Bruno saby, who in those years was a test driver for the team.

Recalde in action in Capilla del Monte. Photo: Tony Watson.

The first time Schwarz saw the S4 was in the early '90s at Saby's house in Grenoble and he fell in love. "I said, 'When you want to sell it, call me first.' A couple of years later he called me to see if I was still interested. I remember I ran out of my house, put the trailer on my car and left for France! ", said the former pilot in an interview with

The car is just as Recalde gave it to the team. What's more, according to Schwarz, the tires still have gravel from the Cordoba soil. Obviously, the passage of the years took its toll. Paint is peeling in places and has had a couple of oil leaks.


Since he had it, Schwarz received a lot of offers for this copy. They even once gave him a blank check: “I was having dinner at a restaurant, someone came up, put a check on the table and told me to put whatever number I wanted. I didn't do it because if I sold the car it would be like selling a piece of my soul ". Undoubtedly, that car that the remembered Recalde raced is in very good hands.

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