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The 10 most spectacular routes in the world

From Transfagarasan to Route 40, we show you here the best roads.

There are some that ascend to almost unattainable peaks through endless meanders, others that cross parks, valleys and mountains for thousands of kilometers, and some are even romantic. We are talking about routes, specifically the most spectacular in the world. Here is a selection of the best ...


Some consider it one of the most beautiful, at least in Europe. The truth is that throughout 90 kilometers Curvy, this road cuts through the rugged Carpathian hills. It is usually closed from the end of October to June because of the snow. In addition to the scenic appeal, on its route we also find the Poenari Castle, which was the residence of the prince who inspired the novel Dracula by Bram Stoker.


The 10 most spectacular routes in the worldLocated at an altitude of 2.757 meters, it is the highest paved pass in the Eastern Alps. Landscapes aside, owes its fame to 48 hairpin bends in a section of just 24 km and with an average slope of 7,6%. Cycling lovers know it well: this is where one of the star stages of the Giro d'Italia takes place.


This other step became very popular after appearing in the 1964 James Bond film Goldfinger. It runs along Highway 19 and is one of the 30 highest mountain passes in Europe. Its location, in the central area of ​​the Swiss Alps, guarantees spectacular views such as those of the Rhone Glacier.


The 10 most spectacular routes in the worldYou have a length of 325 kilometers, and is currently part of Route Nationale 85 in the direction of Paris. From Golfe-Juan to Grenoble, and passing through the regions of Provence, the Alps, the Côte d'Azur and the Rhône-Alpes, he follows the path that Napoleon followed to regain his throne after a year in exile. The road is full of roads and picturesque villages full of charm.


The romantic route accompanies the visitor along 400 kilometers from Würzburg to Füssen in Bavaria. It goes through more than 60 towns and on the way you can see churches, cathedrals, castles and convents, medieval villages of undoubted charm such as Dinkelsbühl, and also vineyards and several hills until reaching the Bavarian Alps.


The 10 most spectacular routes in the worldIts 21 kilometers in length make this gorge located in Cantabria the longest in Spain. It can be reached from the winding road N-621. Inside there are several viewpoints that offer magnificent views of the large, almost vertical limestone rock walls that compose it, some of which are more than 600 meters high.


The 10 most spectacular routes in the worldThe Atlantic Highway unites several islets in just 8,72 kilometers and across eight bridges in a perfect combination of nature and engineering. It runs for just a few meters above sea level in the Atlantic Ocean, which makes it a challenge for the most daring drivers.


The 10 most spectacular routes in the worldIt is one of the highest roads in the world. The Abra del Acay mountain pass reaches almost 5.000 meters above sea level. The route runs 5.200 kilometers parallel to the Andes mountain range, in which it crosses 21 national parks and 18 rivers. Its passage through Southern Patagonia also makes it one of the loneliest roads in the world.


The 10 most spectacular routes in the worldThis 243 kilometer long road runs along the Australian coast of the state of Victoria and allows you to enjoy natural wonders such as the Arch of London or the 12 Apostles, rocks created by the erosion over millions of years of the limestone cliffs in the Antarctic Ocean. On its way there are also fishing villages, rainforests and national parks.


The 10 most spectacular routes in the worldIt is probably the most cinematic road in history. Movies like Easy Rider, The Devil on Wheels or a scene from Grease have been shot there. It connects Chicago and Santa Monica (California) in a route of more than 4.000 kilometers that crosses seven states. It is one of the most mythical routes on the planet and They even dedicated a song to him.



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