Sprint racing came to Formula 1 to stay

The 2022 tournament would have between seven and eight Grand Prix with this format, to which some changes would be made.

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In order to enhance the show of the F1, something that translates into greater economic gain, those responsible for the World Cup decided to apply this year the sprint format which consists of defining the starting grid for Sunday's GP with a qualifying race on Saturday. This scheme premiered successfully in the Grand Prix of Great Britain and is implemented for the second time in the Italian Grand Prix.

Although there is still one more test weekend to go, which would be in the Brazilian Grand Prix, the category managers are very satisfied with the results obtained, mainly by the audience increase both Friday and Saturday.

Formula 1 sprint race
Photo: Zak Mauger / LAT Images.

This is because with the sprint format the three days of activity are relevant. On Friday for qualifying, on Saturday for the 100-kilometer race itself and on Sunday for the main course, the main competition.

At least in the British GP the figures showed a 20% increase in audience on Saturday. In addition, the system has a sponsor: I crypto.co, a cryptocurrency company based in Hong-Kong. That is why everything closes so that this form of Grand Prix is ​​maintained and increased in 2022.

Although those responsible for the category admitted that they will carry out an evaluation of their results at the end of the year, they do not hide that if the balance is positive -as it is supposed- it could be implemented in 2022 in at least seven or eight races on a 23 GP schedule.

This decision would be coupled with some changes, mainly for enhance Friday's ranking. At present, the fastest in the timed session earns the right to start first in the sprint on Saturday, but his performance in the session is not taken into account for the statistics since the poleman is the winner of the Saturday competition. .

To change this, it is being thought that in those GP's with this format the fastest in the leaderboard earn extra points, something that currently does not happen; plus depart first on Saturday and also on Sunday.

But the most relevant modification would be in the sprint itself, which would cease to be qualifying to become a second race that would also award points on a scale that is still not very clear. Today only the first three add up and there is the idea that they are six using the old scoring scheme of 9, 6, 4, 3, 2 and 1 that was used between 1961 and 1990.

The truth is that the sprint format came to Formula 1 to stay ...

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