They solve the case of Laurent Pasquali: The French pilot was killed by a hitman

He killed him in cold blood at the end of 2018 for a debt he did not pay.

In November 2018, French motor racing was shocked by the sudden disappearance of the driver Laurent pasquali, regular participant of gt racing and even the 24 Hours of Le Mans. A year later it was learned that he had been assassinated. And now the reasons were known: a hitman killed him in cold blood for his debts.

Laurent pasqualiAs reported Le Parisien, the French police reached out to the murderer who admitted to having killed Pasquali by dismantling this network of Freemasonry hitmen. The pilot's killer was a former agent of the General Directorate of Foreign Security (DCRI), who confessed to having shot him dead in his home and then to have dismembered him to scatter his body throughout the Haute-Loire forest, where his head was found in September 2019.

That time a DNA study was carried out that coincided with that of Pasquali, but for a long time it was not known who had been the culprit or more reliable data of what happened.

"Every day, his 82-year-old mother put the silverware in her son's place thinking he would return"Said Sandrine Pégand, a lawyer for the Pasquali family, in dialogue with L'Equipe to graph the pain and grief of their loved ones.

French media reported that Pasquali was killed, allegedly for not paying the 200.000 euros he owed to a sponsor who had advanced money for him so that he could participate in a championship.

Laurent pasquali“I told him he should stop getting into trouble. I came to think that (after his disappearance) he had rebuilt his life in a nice little country ”, express Christophe lapierre, who was your teammate Sebastian Loeb Racing, in dialogue with L'Equipe. "Everyone knew that I left bills unpaid"added Ebrahim Sammour, Head of HighTechPro.

Laurent competed during the 2000s in events of the GT ChampionshipLike French Porsche Carrera Cup; although in 2008 he competed in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. In 2011 he triumphed in the FFSA GT in the GT3 class with a Ferrari and two years later he conquered won a race of the FFSA GT Championship Le Mans with a McLaren MP4 12C GT3.



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