Leonel Pernía on fire and points to the Super TC2000

The Renault official team driver cast doubts on the management of the category when defining the mapping of the Oreca engines.

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Furious, angry. So i was Leonel Pernía after finishing fourth on the tenth date of the Super TC2000 en rosary. Although the result is not to be despised, the pilot of the official team Renault felt that he ran in inferior conditions and targeted directly against the engines delivered by the category.

In an extensive dialogue with several journalists after the Rosario test, which was won by Agustin Canapino (Chevrolet), the 2019 champion let off steam and, at the same time, it sowed doubts about the management of the category when defining the mapping of the engines for Sunday.

Leonel Pernía"I heard Canapino complain about the engine ... a guy who got three tenths from us all weekend by right ... Not even starting the spoiler with a grinder did we get to that partial. It worries me a lot because it is difficult. The only place where you can't defend yourself is on the straight. With the Push to Pass by chance I grab the suction and they with the Push to Pass pass me in the middle of the curve ", exemplified Pernía, who had reached this race at the forefront of the tournament and is now behind Canapino.

So that there are no doubts about his point of view, Pernía recalled the date of Toay in which Matías Rossi, "He went on to win the race with a car that wasn't running" in reference to the poor performance that the official Toyota Corolla showed in the previous days and its resounding victory on Sunday.

“El Villicum was repeated; Two races ago we didn't have the speed… The category has to do (sic) so that we define this with the same weapons. We have to investigate with the team, the category ... If the problem is my engine, change it and that's it ”, Tanito affirmed.

"I fully trust the category and the people who handle the mapping of the engines, but I have a significant depletion in my car by right," Pernía culminated, who asked that this problem "It has to be solved urgently."

The performance of the Oreca turbo engines was questioned from the moment the engine was put into use. Push to pass, a system that forced the engines to be turned down for Sunday in order to use all their power for a fraction of the time.

This variation is achieved by modifying the mapping, something the category itself does. The modified values ​​of each car are sent to the Automobile Sports Commission of Automobile Club Argentino, who is in charge of checking it during technical verifications.

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