Lewis Hamilton wins because he drives the best car in Formula 1? Toto Wolff answers ...

The English skipper on the Mercedes team defended him from criticism that tried to minimize his achievements.

Those who are determined to diminish the gains made by English Lewis Hamilton in the F1 they assure - and emphasize - that all his successes are due to driving the best car in the category. That not only angers the pilot himself, but also Toto wolff, your employer on the team Mercedes.

Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff“I read that… In my opinion, it's not entirely fair. In this sport, winning races and winning championships is always a team exercise, but you have to put yourself in a position where you end up in the best car ”, the team-manager pointed out.

“You can see that a lot of talented and skilled drivers made the wrong or wrong decisions. In that sense, it was he who joined Mercedes in 2013, and he is the one who sits in the car and is able to perform on the track with a tool that we provide. But it is always a tool ", analyzed with reason.

Lewis Hamilton
Photo: LAT Images.

Wolff assured that, “We couldn't set the records that we have and he probably couldn't set the records that he has without the right car, period. I do not admit these voices that say: 'Well, drive a Mercedes, it is obvious that I win so many races'. Drivers who say that should analyze why they haven't found a way to get into a Mercedes. "



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