Lewis Hamilton found inspiration at the Village People's YMCA for pole position

The Briton confessed that the song of the famous group from the '70s was on his mind during the timed run of the Hungarian GP.

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In the preview of Hungarian Grand Prix, English Lewis Hamilton expressed his opposition to the anti LGTB law adopted by the Hungarian government. "It is unacceptable, cowardly and out of place for the people who exercise power to propose such a law", The multiple champion explained about this regulation that he wants to fight against pedophilia, but prohibits any allusion to homosexuality and sex change in front of minors.

Hamilton's words, condemned by some Hungarian politicians, were well received by the LGBT + community, which the Mercedes driver decided to recognize by admitting that during qualifying, in which he was the fastest, had in his head a song considered a symbol of this group.

Lewis Hamilton“I had the YMCA song on my mind for the entire session. I'm not really sure why. I haven't really been listening to it, but that's what motivated me today, so I guess it bodes well for the weekend. "explained the Briton.

YMCA was one of the hits of the disco music band Village People, created in New York in 1977. This group is recognized internationally both for its peculiar costumes and for its catchy songs, with suggestive lyrics and full of double meaning.

The original members of the group were Victor willis (the police), Felipe Rose (the Amerindian), David Hodo / Apollo (the builder), Alex Briley (the military), Glenn hugs (the biker) and Randy Jones (the cowboy). These male impersonations were unsubtle hints about the group's homosexuality, embodied in accordance with the gay stereotypes of the time.

Village PeopleYMCA, whose initials refer to the Youth Christian Association, talk about a place where young gay men meet covertly. There they can become uninhibited, forget about worries and problems, and relax. Although the lyrics do not specifically contain any gay allusions, the theme became one of the best known homosexual hymns.

The song was composed by Jacques morali, an accomplished producer who had also had success with the group The Ritchie Family. “Certainly, YMCA tHe has a gay origin. That's what Jacques was thinking about when he composed it. There was no mores to see us. ErWe are a gay group. So was the song written to celebrate that gay men's association? Yes absolutely. And gay people love it ”Randy Jones explained in an interview.

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