Lewis Hamilton holds the key to last place in 1 Formula 2021

Toto Wolff's stay at Mercedes should keep the seven-time champion on the German team.

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La F1 It is a true dynamic puzzle: Each decision made and announced causes chain reactions that take more or less time to create a new cycle of adaptations. The decision of Toto wolff to continue as a shareholder and CEO of the team Mercedes it has to do with the midseason rumors and what should happen in the near future. In the first case there were already rumors that the group Ineos he would take control of the German team; in the second is the increasingly probable renewal of the contract of Lewis Hamilton with the team with which he achieved six of his seven titles. Another includes, in parallel, the transfer of Simone subtraction de Ferrari to the team Alfa Romeo-Sauber, something that triggers comments about the political power of Mattia binotto commanding the Scuderia.

Until recently, the majority stake in the Mercedes operation in the Formula was divided into three shareholders: the Daimler group (60%), Toto Wolff (30%) and the property of Niki Lauda (10%). In recent days, the German conglomerate has announced the transfer of 50% of its shares to the Ineos group, owned by the English tycoon. Sir Jim Ratcliffe, considered the richest man in his country. During the course of the season, rumors circulated that the British nobleman would take control of the operation, something that was denied without great efficiency. Last Friday it was announced that Daimler, Ratclliffe and Wolfff now each own a third of the team dominating the category since 2014. 10% of the Lauda family was absorbed in equal parts between the three shareholders. The negotiation certainly involves the renewal of Wolff's contract as CEO and leader of the F-1 team, which guarantees him a more than reasonable salary and a most interesting negotiating position; the other side of the coin is the commitment to remain in office for another three years.

Toto Wolff, Sir Jim Ratcliffe und Ola Källenius mit dem Mercedes-AMG F1 W11 EQ Performance
Toto Wolff, Sir Jim Ratcliffe and Ola Källenius with the Mercedes-AMG F1 W11 EQ Performance.

Classic Engines

Ratcliffe, for his part, is increasingly entering the automotive sector: he bought the Mercedes-Benz plant located in Hambach, a city located in the department of Moselle. This facility was used by the Daimler group for the production of the Smart mini car and is located near the border between northwestern France and southwestern Germany; This is where the Ineos group will produce the Grenadier, a 4 × 4 inspired by the Land Rover Defender and equipped with the latest technology.

The values ​​of the transaction were not disclosed, but it is fair to admit that it involves technology transfer and space to increase the British millionaire's stake in the F.1 team. The French factory was not the only asset ceded by Daimler, which closed six of its factories, including the one in Iracemápolis (SP), a municipality located about 170 km northwest of the São Paulo capital. This policy is in line with the necessary and growing investments for the development of hybrid and electric cars and the need to increase the availability of cash.

Wolff's decision to stay with Mercedes paves the way for Hamilton to stay with the team and set out in search of your eighth world title, an achievement unprecedented in the seven decades of F.1 history. Renewal is closer now, and closing that gap means adding or subtracting a few million dollars from your new contract.

Czech Pérez
Sergio Pérez achieved his continuity in Formula 1 occupying the position of Alex Albon. Photo: Patrik Lundin / Getty Images.

Meanwhile, Ferrari continues its usual and characteristic crisis: the transfer of Simone Resta to take over the technical part of Alfa Romeo-Sauber was a demonstration of the political strength of Mattia Binotto at a time when the Scuderia is still at the helm of a name dedicated to caring for brand interests. Resta and Binotto are far from being classified as best friends. The departure of the Egyptian Louis Carey Camilleri The post of CEO of the Maranello House (and an equal position at Philip Morris International) has yet to be fully assimilated and a replacement has not been named. In other words, strategic changes could alter the team's power and goals after a season reminiscent of the chaos of the mid-80s.

A chaos already resolved refers to the economic future of the team Red Bull: hiring Sergio Pérez for the vacancy of Alexander albon will represent a significant cash boost for the team led by Christian horner. Judging by the average investment in Checo's career over the past decade, the check signed by billionaire Carlos Slim is expected to see the brand "Claro" in the car designed by Adrian Newey by 2021 it will be approximately 25 million. Other brands are expected to provide smaller quantities and are equally welcome. We must not forget, however, the explosive potential of mixing Pérez and Max Verstappen, two tough and daring pilots, sometimes beyond what is necessary.

Nikita mazepin
The dissemination of a controversial video threatens the debut of Nikita Mazepin in Formula 1.

Pérez's confirmation practically puts an end to the chair dance process for next year, something that is still incomplete as a result of the ongoing negotiation between Hamilton and Mercedes, which confirmed months ago the stay of Valtteri Bottas.

Another long shot would be the replacement of the partner of Mick Schumacher en Haas, the Russian Nikita mazepin, the result of a video posted on his social network that caused disgust in various sectors of society; in it the pilot harasses a girl sitting in the back seat of the car where he was traveling with a friend. The American team, Liberty Media and the own FIA silently study how to carry out a case involving a $ 40 million investment from Mazepin Senior and a lethal potential for the future of the equality policy propagated by the category through the phrase "We run as one."

After a frustrating experience with Ferrari, Sebastian Vettel hopes to make a comeback with Aston Martin.

A closed place in the last days reflects the influence of Honda and the potential of Yuki tsunoda, details that confirmed the Japanese as a replacement for the Russian Daniil Kvyat in the team AlphaTauri, where was the french Pierre Gasly. In the others, teams are defined as follows: Daniel Ricciardo y Lando Norris en McLaren; Sebastian Vettel y Lance stroll en Aston Martin (until now known as Racing Point); Fernando Alonso y Esteban Ocón en Alpine (new name of Renault); Charles Leclerc y Carlos Sainz en Ferrari; Kimi Räikkönen y Antonio Giovinazzi on Alfa Romeo-Sauber and George Russell y Nicholas latifi en Williams.

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