Lewis Hamilton vs. Max Verstappen: The touch of the year from all angles

A graphic designer created a simulation of what happened during the first lap of the British Grand Prix.

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As if the different tv pictures of the touch between the English Lewis Hamilton and the Dutch Max Verstappen during the first round of Grand Prix of Great Britain you were not enough, the graphic designer CrashAlong was in charge of collecting all the available data of the incident to create a simulation of what happened between the pilots of Mercedes y Red Bull.

"Hamilton was chasing Verstappen for the first position on the first lap and was 15 km / h faster than him on the back straight", stands out in the material available in YouTube.

Crash Verstappen Hamilton Silverstone“Verstappen moves to defend the inside, but leaves 3,4 meters for Lewis's two meter wide car. At the entrance to Turn 9 they are parallel and closer to the middle of the track compared to a normal lap ”, it adds.

“Considering this and that they were loaded with fuel, both drivers came very quickly to the corner to try to stay ahead. Hamilton tries to back away, but it's too late to avoid the touch ”, says CrashAlong

“At the moment of the touch, Lewis is close to the normal line, but his car is turned less towards the vertex. Max only leaves room for a car that takes the ideal trajectory ", emphasizes.

Finally the creator of the situation maintains: “Wheel-to-wheel contact pulls the left rear tire off its rim. A Tecpro barrier was added to this curve, but Verstappen stayed twenty feet from it. The car almost completely passed under the tire barrier before bouncing off. The Accident Information Registry measured a deceleration of 51G ”.

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