Lexus developed the seat of the future


The revolutionary Lexus Kinetic Concept seat, which will be presented at the 2016 edition of the Paris Motor Show, stands out for its radical fiber network structure that revalues ​​the principles of habitability of cars.

In humans, the spine acts to stabilize the head and allows the pelvis and torso to rotate in opposite directions, stabilizing head movement even when walking or jogging.

To recreate this movement in the seats, the seat and back are designed to move kinetically with the occupant's weight and external force. Thus, just by sitting in an armchair, it helps to stabilize the movement of the head that causes the vehicle to move, keeping the field of vision stable. In this way, ease of driving and comfort are improved.

The frame upholstery of the Lexus Kinetic Concept is made up of a web-like web of threads that spread radially outward from the center of the seatback. The net is flexible enough to conform to the shape of the body, dispersing the load to allow you to sit comfortably for extended periods.

The center of the backrest is at the height of the shoulder blade, thus inducing the rotational movement of the torso around the pivot axis of the seat. This helps to keep the head stable and ensures a high level of support. The seat is also thinner, which reduces the overall weight of the vehicle.

The threads of the spider web-like structure of the backrest are made of eco-friendly synthetic spider silk, thereby replacing petroleum-based materials. The main component of this fabric is protein that is created through microbial fermentation and then woven and processed into a new material that has excellent shock absorbing properties.



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