Liberty Media should help Formula 1 teams with financial problems

This is how Christian Horner, head of Red Bull Racing, understands it. In addition, the team-manager analyzed the possible budget limit for 2021.

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The coronavirus has caused a global financial crisis and, obviously, the teams of the F1 they are not exempt from that. There are several who have already adjusted their belts to overcome this stage without races, although all in the Maximum assure that one or two will not be able to survive ... That is why Christian hornerResponsible for Red Bull Racing, expects the owner of the category rights, Liberty Media, provide assistance, if necessary, to teams suffering from financial problems.

“It's their business… They have to decide how they keep these teams alive because they need teams to compete. In order to protect their own business I think they would help them make sure they are available to compete next year. ", Horner in an interview with the British newspaper The Guardian.

F.1 has postponed or canceled the first nine races of the season due to the global pandemic of COVID-19. It remains uncertain whether and if the races will start this year, how. Many teams have laid off their employees or imposed pay cuts.

Christian horner
Christian Horner, Red Bull Racing team-manager.

Team leaders and category leaders are currently discussing reducing the budget limit for 2021, but, along with Ferrari, Red Bull resists the measure.

“The limit is a discussion about competitiveness, not about money. It's about bringing the best teams to a level where the teams in the mid-zone feel they can compete ”Horner explained. "The reality is that, whatever the level of spending, there will always be teams that run in front and teams that run behind.", he warned. Horner suggests that an alternative plan would allow teams to buy full cars, as was allowed many years ago, to save research and development costs. "We need to think from outside the box rather than just going round and round, hitting each other with the numbers."He stressed.

"If it is about saving small teams and improving their competitiveness, it would be very difficult to argue against the logic that a small team can buy a car from another team", concluded.

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