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As has been happening since the Dakar arrived in South America in 2009, there will be several Argentine riders to be encouraged during the 2016 edition that will take place from January 2 to 16 on the roads of our country and Bolivia.

In the motorcycle class, Javier Pizzolito (Honda) stands out, the best exponent in the last editions of the test. While in quatriciclos the return of the brothers Alejandro and Marcos Patronelli is relevant, who have already registered their names among the winners of the division.

In cars, the spearhead is Orly Terranova from Mendoza, who will once again compete as an official MINI driver. Emiliano Spataro (Renault) and Juan Manuel Silva (Colcar) also stand out, seeking to climb into the top positions with vehicles developed in the country.

While in trucks there are only two compatriots: Federico Villagra, who will have his first Dakarian experience in this type of vehicle; and Andrés Germano.

22. Javier Pizzolito (Honda)
38. Esteban López Jove (Yamaha)
46. ​​Mauricio Gómez (Yamaha)
47. Kevin Benavides (Honda)
53. Pablo Rodríguez (KTM)
67. Pablo Pascual (KTM)
72. Alberto Ontiveros (Beta)
74. Diego Demelchori (Kawasaki)
104. Diego Duplessis (KTM)
109. Federico Cola (Honda)
117. Sergio Petrone (Yamaha)
120. Gustavo Bassi (Yamaha)
122. Sebastián Urquia (Yamaha)
127. Juan Rojo (Gas Gas)
133. Julio Quiroga (Yamaha)
146. Guillermo Julián (Yamaha)
147. José Kozac (Yamaha)
150. Alexis Medina (Beta)

252. Marcos Patronelli (Yamaha)
253. Alejandro Patronelli (Yamaha)
254. Jeremías González Ferioli (Yamaha)
258. Daniel Mazzucco (Can-Am)
261. Daniel Domaszewski (Honda)
263. Santiago Hansen (Honda)
267. Lucas Bonetto (Honda)
268. Giuliano Giordana (Yamaha)
272. Pablo Copetti (Yamaha)
277. Leandro Creatore (Yamaha)
278. Juan Carlos Garignani (Yamaha)
279. Pablo Bustamante (Can-Am)
280. Lucas Innocente (Can-Am)
283. Carlos Verza (Yamaha)
284. Claudio Bayer (Yamaha)
289. Julio Estanguet (Can-Am)
298. Lucas Zaffi (Can-Am)

310. Orlando Terranova (MINI)
317. Emiliano Spataro (Renault)
339. Juan Manuel Silva (Mercedes)
351. Nazareno López (MINI)
364. Lino Sisterna (Volvo)
369. Ariel Jaton (Buggy)
370. Martín Maldonado (Mercedes)
374. Eduardo Amor (Toyota)
376. José Blangino (Toyota)
382. Roberto Naivirt (Toyota)
383. Fernando Bradach (Renault)
393. Juan José Barbery (Buggy)
395. Carlos Villegas (Nissan)
404. Fernando Ventura (Toyota)
405. Juan Abarca (Toyota)
407. Daniel Marrocchi (Buggy)
414. Alicia Reina (Toyota)
415. Hernán Roberti (Nissan)
416. Oscar Monaco (Toyota)
417. Laureano Campanera (Buggy)

514. Federico Villagra (IVECO)
527. Andrés Germano (MAN)



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