The toys of the Peugeot Design Lab

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The iconic Peugeot Design Lab, which under the aegis of the lion brand has offered the industry the most surprising creations - the latest being a photovoltaic power station - has turned to the talent of stylist Sylvain Henry to conceive a series of toys that embody all the “racing” legacy of Peugeot.

In collaboration with Baghera, one of the world's most recognized toy companies for 15 years, Peugeot launched two ride-on strollers inspired by the iconic 402 Darl'mat coupé, a model from the pre-World War period, as well as the miniature in metal of the L45, a replica of the car that won the American Grand Prix at Indianapolis 100 years ago.

“We chose to reinterpret these two legendary Peugeot models because they are one of the oldest and most remembered. Designing these toys makes it easy to spend moments of play with children, offering them their first motoring thrill. For me, this is priceless, ”said Sylvain Henry, stylist at the Peugeot Design Lab.

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The Peugeot 402 coupé Darl'mat pushchairs exude a stylish and vintage character to make little drivers dream. Available Starting at 135 euros, the blue one is inspired by the racing car that ran the 1935 Hours of Le Mans in 24 in the period before the Great War. For its part, beige is a nod to the elegance and dynamism that still characterize the DNA of Peugeot models today.

For its part, the metal miniature of the Peugeot L45 represents an American icon on scale, to the delight of the youngest members of the family and great collectors. Available from 36 euros, the toy pays tribute to the racing car driven by Dario Resta that won the legendary Indianapolis 500 race a century ago. Symbol of the brand's historic commitment to motor racing, the Peugeot L45 is today reinterpreted by the Peugeot L500 R HYbrid Racing Concept.

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With the L45, Peugeot completes its range of miniatures already available at the Peugeot Boutique: three metal miniatures of the Peugeot 402 - the sculptural blue, yellow and black Darl'mat 402 coupé; the black 402 Andreau, whose distinctive rear wing is the work of the famous engineer Jean Andreau; as well as two wooden miniatures of the Peugeot 205 (the red 205 GTi and the white 205 Rallye in the Peugeot Sport colors).



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