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What to do to keep your tires in good condition during the winter

Keeping the car in good condition is not just taking it to the mechanic to have the engine under control; It is essential to know how the tires are and especially in the winter season, when the destinations chosen for vacations are places with which they may not be familiar, and with different weather conditions: there may be snow, intermittent rains and also surfaces on the way that are far from those that are traveled during the rest of the year. In that sense, and to go out on the road at this time, it is essential to take these items into account.

REGULAR REVIEW: Carry out a detailed inspection of the tires to make sure that they are in perfect condition and guarantee total safety, since for example they may present cracks, pockets on the sides, or accentuated or irregular wear of the tread.

BEWARE OF AGING: Tire replacement time is approximately every four years. Rubber compounds degrade over time and their original properties, such as elasticity and adhesion, diminish. Its deterioration can be accelerated by contact with chemicals such as solvents, fuels, lubricants and especially by ultraviolet rays.

CONTROL THE PRESSURE: It is necessary to do it at least once a month. Many times the uneven pressure between the four tires is the cause of effects attributable to alignment problems. Additionally, low pressure tires increase fuel consumption, overheat when rolling, wear unevenly, and are more exposed to damage from pothole impacts. The correct pressure will be related to the load that the vehicle will transport and the applied speed. And both the load and speed can never exceed the capacity indicated by the tire.

ALIGNMENT: Keeping the vehicle well aligned is essential to extend the life of the tires. When the vehicle is aligned, all suspension and steering components work properly and the tires work in their correct position, without drift, ensuring even wear, ease of handling and fuel economy.

FRONT AND REAR TRAINS: Before checking and correcting the alignment, it is essential to carry out a complete review of the front and rear axles. Mainly the front is the most delicate and the one that suffers the most when including the steering, suspension, and braking systems. All parts must be checked to verify their condition and correct operation.

SHOCK ABSORBERS: It is advisable to check the shock absorbers every 20.000 km. Although its useful life is longer, there are compromising factors, such as the condition of the streets. It is also advisable to check the shock absorbers at the moment in which an unstable behavior of the car is detected since a shock absorber in poor condition can make braking longer, generate vibrations when rolling and in turn cause damage to axles, wheels and suspensions.

RUNNING BELT DRAWING: It is important that the covers present a drawing with a depth greater than 1,6 mm, the minimum established by current legislation.

PRECAUTIONS FOR SNOWY AREAS: When undertaking a trip to an area with snow, it should be borne in mind that you must have appropriate tires for "snow" or "winter", or apply the system of special tire chains, because they improve the grip of the tire in this type of surface, especially when the ice consolidates.

NEW TIRES: If your vehicle needs to incorporate new tires, it is preferable to renew all four, or failing that in pairs (place the new tires on the rear or front axle).

Dunlop Tires Advice.

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