Lotus E-R9: With your sights set on the 24 Hours of Le Mans?

Although it is a design study, Lotus assured that this electric prototype could be on the tracks in 2030.

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Lotus Engineering, the consulting division of Lotus who works on projects for external clients, allows us to dream of seeing a car of the brand competing in drag races through the Lotus E-R9. Although this 100% electric racing car is a design study, the British firm indicates that "It could be on the starting grid of circuits around the world by the 2030 season."

Lotus E-R9The E-R9 has been developed by Lotus as a "Technological showcase" of its philosophy, capability and innovative spirit in the fields of aerodynamics and advanced electrified powertrains.

The concept sports a black and gold finish, a beautiful nod to the triumphant heritage of the Lotus, especially in the Formula 1.

The design is full of wavy lines and smooth surfaces. Has a jet fighter cabin installed in the center, which in turn looks like a Delta wing. The mark indicates that it has advanced active aerodynamics and adaptive body panels that can change their shape and attitude to airflow automatically via sensors or by pressing a button from the passenger compartment, thus providing minimal drag on the straights and maximum downforce when cornering.

Lotus E-R9It also offers Vertically mounted control surfaces at the rear to help maintain stability in high-speed cornering, by generating aerodynamic forces to help the car change direction without the constraints of grip in the tire contact zone.

The Lotus E-R9 features a electric powertrain that drives each wheel independently, as well as an improved torque sharing system between the wheels. It is based on the technology already integrated in the Lotus Evija, although for the E-R9 it would be fully adjustable by the driver on the move.

Lotus E-R9"By 2030 we will have mixed cell chemistry batteries that provide the best of both worlds, as well as the ability to hot-swap batteries during pit stops.", notes Lotus Engineering.

And why his name? ER means Endurance Racer, while 9 is a number chosen in homage to the past of Lotus. It was in a Lotus Mark IX that the racing team made its debut in the 24 Hours of Le Mans de 1955, with the founder of the company, Colin chapman, among the pilots who competed. In 2030, the Lotus Mark IX would be 75 years old.





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