Lights: What are they and when to use them?

Good lighting is key to safety when traveling by car.

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Driving at night can be very risky if you don't take the necessary precautions to avoid accidents. One of the key safety items for your car is the lights. However, according to a report by the Agencia Nacional de Seguridad Vial (ANSV) only the 44% of the automotive fleet in Argentina has regulatory lights ...

The importance of lights, especially when going out on the road, lies in the fact that cars running without regulatory lights can cause temporary blindness in oncoming drivers, increasing the possibility of accidents. 90% of the information that reaches the driver is through the visual field and, in the event of glare, it takes 30 seconds to regain sight, 30 seconds that can be fatal.

Lights: What are they and when to use them?There are cases in which some drivers make modifications to the car incorporating neon lights, which are also prohibited because they generate glare which increases insecurity. By replacing the lamps of a halogen optic with a neon lamp, the originality of the vehicle and its safety are being changed., which is prohibited by current legislation.

Since a year ago, the legislation was changed and the 0km must incorporate the DRL device, which allows the automatic switching of low beams or DRL daytime running lights at the moment the engine is started.

La National Traffic Law 24.449 establishes in article 31, subsection A, that the headlights must be of white or yellow light in no more than two pairs, with high and low, this one of asymmetric projection. And it is forbidden for any vehicle to place or use other headlights or lights other than those strictly established in this law.

At the time of conducting the VTV, two out of every ten cars do not pass the review. The 21,2% who carried out the Vehicle Technical Verification in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires did not approve the control, with 130.486 vehicles (11,8%) being rejected and another 103.887 (9,4%) with observations. The most common rejection failures with lights by 29,4%.

“We have been developing solutions to increase accident prevention and improve road safety. When the holidays arrive, it is important to be able to start enjoying them from the moment we get in the car. All the precautions that the driver takes to guarantee safety during the trip for him and his family member will add tranquility and relaxation to this time ", Said Cristian Fanciotti, president of Ituran Argentina.


Each light fulfills a specific function to check that the vehicle lighting is adequate and that everything is in perfect condition, it is important to check all the lighting components of the car (rear, brake, reverse gear and fog) and check the status of headlights.

-Low light or see light: Used at night but also throughout the day to increase visibility.

-Long light: It is a very intense light that allows you to see at night at a great distance, especially on the road. It is a great ally in extreme weather situations.

-Reverse light: One or two white headlights at the rear of the car that come on when you shift into reverse, and warn others that the vehicle is moving in the wrong direction.

-Anti-fog: Increase visibility in periods of dense fog. There are two types: front and rear. They should only be used in foggy or heavy rain conditions because, especially the rear, can dazzle other drivers.

-Position lights: They are yellow or white in the front and red in the back. They are important to always carry them on as they warn other drivers of the width of the vehicle and its position.

-Turning light: They inform other drivers of the intention to carry out a maneuver and it is key to avoiding accidents since the driver behind can predict our movements.

-Beacons: They are used when the car stops on the street or the road or in emergencies.

-Brake light: Warns other drivers that the vehicle is about to stop or slow down. It is activated automatically when you step on the brake.


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