M Endurance, the super chain from BMW Motorrad

Made with amorphous tetrahedral carbon, it stands out for its extreme resistance and hardness without the need to lubricate it.

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For more than 90 years, the comfortable, maintenance-free and environmentally friendly driveshaft has been one of the immovable technical characteristics of BMW Motorrad. With chain M Endurance, BMW Motorrad now offers for the first time a maintenance free chain with comparable features.

Like previous chains, the M Endurance has a permanent lubricant filler between the rollers and the pins, enclosed in the X-rings. However, what is completely new is that the previous need to add lubricant for the rollers, that is, the well-known “chain lubrication” is no longer necessary, nor does it need to be re-tensioned from time to time due to wear. .

M EnduranceThis enormous advantage in terms of comfort has been possible using a new material to cover the rollers: amorphous tetrahedral carbon (ta-C), also known as industrial diamond.

This coating is characterized by a extreme strength and toughness and in this respect it is situated between the well-known DLC layer (Carbon as Diamond) and the pure diamond. In contrast to the metallic surfaces used so far, coating with ta-C industrial diamond does not wear away. At the same time, this type of coating makes the coefficient of friction is drastically reduced.

M EnduranceThanks to the excellent properties of dry lubrication And eliminating wear, the M Endurance chain's amorphous tetrahedral carbon coated rollers offer maintenance comfort equivalent to that of a drive shaft bike. This includes all the cleaning work that is unavoidable with a conventional chain due to lubricant splashes. In this way, the M Endurance chain also offers maximum respect for the environment.

The 525 M Endurance chain is now initially available for both 4-cylinder models BMW S 1000 RR y S 1000 XR. It is available as an accessory or direct from the factory as optional equipment. Work is under way for other BMW Motorrad models to offer this feature as well.

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