Manu Ginobili, from his fascination with Torino to a great doubt he has about Formula 1

The former basketball player, Renault ambassador, recalled the cars of his childhood and also his first contact with the top flight.

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When he talks about his childhood to Manu Ginobili His eyes shine a little and it is not for less. He remembers -and very well- those trips with his father and his friends in a Renault 12 Estate, the vehicle that was his transportation during his first years as an amateur basketball player; and the Torino of his uncle whom he was so fascinated by because he could go to 200 km / h. Those memories were key to answering affirmatively when Renault He proposed, now retired, to be a brand ambassador.

This was confessed by the former player of San Antonio Spurs of NBA, and member of the Golden Generation that gave so many joys to the Argentines, during an event that the Argentine subsidiary of the French giant held in Cordova, where is the legendary Santa Isabel Factory.

Manu GinobiliRelaxed and ready to talk about everything, Ginobili recalled how his relationship with the Rombo emerged. “In 1980 my dad bought a red Renault 12 Break, which was ideal for a growing family and which also became the mobility of my entire basketball team. Sometimes there were ten of us in the car! The moment when I was definitely passionate about basketball was going from court to court in that Renault 12. I would throw myself back with a lot of teammates living different experiences, from all the joy before going to the game to the frustration of a defeat or the happiness for a victory ", confessed the bahiense.

That time trip that Ginobili proposed during the talk also included those May 1 when his family went to eat a barbecue at his uncle's house. "I was yelling at him to take me in his Torino because he put it at 200 on the road, or at least that's what I thought because he would be between 6 and 8 years old and at that age one magnifies everything."

“I was kind of crazy about the numbers, so I always looked at the cars that were parked to see what top speed the speedometer was showing. When I got on my uncle's Torino for the first time and saw that the needle reached 200, I couldn't believe it, I thought it wasn't possible. So when my uncle took me for a ride, it was a matter of looking at the speedometer and seeing how fast the km / h progressed… ”, Manu explained when autoworld He asked him why he was fascinated by Torino.

During his stays in Argentina, Ginobili uses a Renault Alaskan, a vehicle that he considers optimal for the trips he makes with his family and friends to some remote places of Mount Beautiful. On one of those outings with his friends he even used it to sleep. "I never set up a tent in my life, so I decided to take advantage of the Alaskan box: I put a little mattress on it and then I extended the hood in case it rained ... Obviously, my feet stayed outside ..."he remembered.

Manu GinobiliThis relationship he has with Renault allowed Ginobili to reach the F1. In 2019 he was a special guest of the brand for the United States Grand Prix and in Austin he was totally surprised by the category and, mainly, by the performance of the pilots who go to the limit for almost two hours: “In every sport we have moments of relaxation, of lowering the pulsations. When a footballer is not in possession of the ball, in tennis he rests for a minute and a half or two minutes, we have about 1.000 minutes (sic) and, furthermore, we go in and out. That's why I can't understand how a F.1 runner maintains that intensity and concentration because his life is at stake. I can't understand how they keep at that level; capable that there comes a time that yes, that there is a straight line and they can breathe. But I get the feeling that at 320 km / h you can't even breathe ... I would like to talk it over with someone, with a pilot to explain it to me ", ended the Rombo ambassador and one of the most important athletes in Argentina.

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