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Marcin Budkowski case: The F.1 in the face of a big scandal?

Marcin budkowski

The name of Marcin Budkowski may be unknown to ordinary Formula 1 fans. However, this 40-year-old Polish engineer who passed through the Prost, Grand Prix Ferrari and McLaren teams had until recently a fundamental role. in the International Automobile Federation as the technical head of the governing body.

Budkowski decided to leave the FIA ​​a week ago and now there is talk that he could join Renault, something that did not go down at all well among the other Maxima teams since this man knows all their secrets.

The technician could be announced as a new member of the Rombo within three months when what the English call “gardening leave” is fulfilled, something like a “period of paid suspension”. This short term is not normal in the F-1 since, in general, an engineer can go from one team to another after a year or a year and a half. However, Budkowski used Swiss law to shorten that period.

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Obviously, this situation was the subject of debate among the team-managers of the category. "We are all very concerned ... We cannot prohibit anyone from changing jobs and we must respect the laws in force in different countries, but we believe that for the representatives of the FIA ​​at that level another minimum duration should be established," said Frenchman Eric Boullier, from McLaren. “We are going to have a big problem if he goes to a team. You place great trust in these individuals. Marcin has been in the wind tunnels and seeing intimate details of next year's cars. If it happens we will take legal action ”, warned Englishman Christian Horner, head of Red Bull Racing.

Without a doubt, if Budkowski signs for Renault, in Formula 1 there will be a scandal.

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