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Maserati Tipo V4: The record-breaking twin-engine car

In 1929 the Maserati Tipo V4, with two identical inline eight-cylinder impellers, set a world speed record.

On September 28, 1929, Mario Umberto "Baconín" Borzacchini, at the wheel of a Maserati Type V4, set the world land speed record over a 10-kilometer course. His car had made its racing debut a few days earlier, on September 15, driven by Alfieri Maserati at the Monza Grand Prix, finishing the race in sixth place.

Two weeks later, and before the race at the Circuito di Cremona, it was organized "The Day of the records", a time trial over 10 kilometers with a launched start. The race took place on the old state road (now provincial) No. 10-Padania Inferiore, which runs in a straight line east-northeast.

Maserati Tipo V4: The record-breaking twin-engine carThe ten kilometers began in Gadesco Pieve Delmona and ended in Sant'Antonio d'Anniata, a town near Cremona, with a margin of three kilometers to launch and to stop.

International rules required the tour to be completed twice, once in each direction. The average of the recorded times would be the approved final result.

Borzacchini covered the uphill stretch in 2m25s20 / 100, with an average speed of 247,933 km/h. On the downhill section it took two more seconds, registering 2m27s40 / 100, giving an average of 244,233 km/h. His overall average time was 2m26s30 / 100, with an average speed of 246,069 km/h.

Thus established the world record for class C (from 3.000 to 5.000 cc). This was an extraordinary achievement by the pilot, who broke the mark he had set. Ernest eldridge in Montlhéry in 1927 with 225,776 km / h and a time of 2m39s45 / 100.

The milestone was celebrated in Bologna with a dinner organized by the Automobile Club, which was attended by the main city officials, drivers and also Enzo Ferrari, who took this opportunity to persuade two wealthy businessmen in the area, Alfredo Caniato y Mario tadini to establish the racing team that would bear his name ...

Maserati Tipo V4: The record-breaking twin-engine carThe Maserati Tipo V4 marked an important milestone for Maserati in terms of innovation. The goal was to produce a powerful engine combining two identical inline eight-cylinder impellers. This complex design consisted of two Type 26B mounted side by side, connected by a single crankcase containing two camshafts.

The name Maserati Type V4 referred to the V design of the cylinder rows, positioned at an angle of 25 °, and 4 to the total capacity of the 4-liter engine. Each of the two sets of cylinders had its own magneto ignition, its own compressor carburetor and its own camshaft, giving it a horsepower of more than 280 hp.

The chassis was specially reinforced to cope with the enormous power of the engine. It consisted of the C section pressed steel section rails. The transmission featured a four-speed gearbox with a single propeller shaft ending in the rigid rear axle with semi-elliptical suspension..

Something that was impossible to eliminate was the rapid wear of the tires and the insufficiency of the braking system that were generated by the immense power of the car and its considerable weight.



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