Matías Rossi, the Quintuple of the Super TC2000

With third place on the last date of the 2020/2021 tournament, he secured his fifth crown in the specialty and third with Toyota.

El Super TC2000 The curtain fell on the atypical 2020 season, which lasted until 2021 due to the pandemic of coronavirus. It was a championship that had to adapt to the new normal with social distancing, repeated scenarios, few dates, discarding of points and only a few lucky ones as spectators in certain races. In that context Matias Rossi (Toyota GAZOO Racing YPF Infinia) fulfilled the forecasts and won the crown after finishing third on the last date of the contest held at circuit No. 6 of the autodromo de Buenos Aires.

Matias RossiAlthough Rossi had arrived as a favorite for this appointment, the great performance of Agustin Canapino (Chevrolet YPF team) suspended the definition. Is that the Arrecifes pilot had to win on the Buenos Aires stage and he did. However, the result that Rossi achieved prevented him from achieving the feat. In the middle of both he arrived Julian Santero (Toyota GAZOO Racing YPF Infinia).

Rossi thus added his fifth title in the specialty. The last three were with Toyota (2011, 2013 and 2020); while the rest were achieved with Chevrolet (2006 and 2007) when the category was known as TC2000 and he had not yet made the technical changes that led to the new name.

Matias Rossi“I am very happy… We had a great goal and fortunately we were given thanks to a great job from the entire Toyota GAZOO Racing YPF Infinia. In the race we finished 3rd and took the title. I am grateful to the entire team, the engineers, the mechanics, the entire factory that supports us. Now to celebrate and think that we still have goals ahead to meet ”, Rossi summed up after the consecration.

While Canapino, who remained with the runner-up after his two consecutive wins in Buenos Aires, assured: “We fought all we could; When they allowed us to test, we evolved, and here we are, at a great level. To enjoy these two victories and to rest a little for what is coming ”. In addition, he dedicated his success to his father Alberto Canapino, who suffers from coronavirus.

Agustin CanapinoLeonel Pernía (Renault Sport Castrol Team), fourth in the competition, failed to retain the crown it achieved in 2019 and finished fourth in the tournament ahead of Facundo Ardusso, his teammate and monarch in 2017 and 2018. The Santa Fe said goodbye to the Rombo with a fifth place and now awaits his new challenge: running to Honda.

It is worth noting that Toyota not only won the drivers' title from Rossi's hand as he also won the championships for brands and teams, thus demonstrating his great level.

We won't have to wait long to see Super TC2000 again in action as the 2021 tournament will begin on March 14.

RACE (24 laps)

1 Agustin Canapino Chevrolet cruze 45m39s37
2 Julian Santero Toyota Corolla to 1s875
3 Matias Rossi Toyota Corolla to 2s278
4 Leonel Pernia Renault fluence gt to 2s731
5 Facundo Ardusso Renault fluence gt to 3s256
6 Rubens Barrichello Toyota Corolla to 3s831
7 Bernardo Keychain Chevrolet cruze to 6s098
8 Matías Milla Renault fluence gt to 7s219
9 Fabian Yannantuoni Honda civic to 8s021
10 Nicolas Moscardini Honda civic to 9s995

AVERAGE: 134,346 km / h. LAP RECORD: Canapino, 1m51s538 / 1000 at 137.463 km / h. CHAMPIONSHIP: 1) Matías Rossi, 188 points; 2) Agustín Canapino, 180; 3) Julián Santero, 132; 4) Leonel Pernía, 116; 5) Facundo Ardusso, 110; 6) Bernardo Llaver, 75; 7) Rubens Barrichello, 75; 8) Matías Milla, 60; 9) Ricardo Risatti, 47; 10) Marcelo Ciarrocchi, 32.


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