Mauro Giallombardo engulfed in flames

Mauro giallombardo

During the sixth lap of the final of the Top Race in Río Cuarto, the scene of the last date of the championship, Mauro Giallombardo starred in a singular event. The cabin of his car caught fire and he had to stop the car to the side of the track to escape the flames, which flared even more when he opened the door to get out.

Despite the situation, Giallombardo's reaction was correct. He jumped out of the cabin, threw himself on the ground, and began to roll, probably fearing that the flames had reached him as well. Fortunately, his fireproof diver acted correctly and the fire never caught him, although he suffered first degree burns to his hands, legs and part of his face.

An approved flame retardant diver has a useful life of about ten years, as long as it has not suffered any damage during that period. They are made of Nomex or Amerlan, compounds capable of withstanding a temperature of 800 degrees for 18 seconds.


It is worth noting that, by regulation, all pilots must use approved safety elements. And this includes not only the diver, but also the inner shell (which must also be fireproof), boots, gloves, hood, helmet and HANS (Head and Neck Support, for its acronym in English). Thanks to following the rules, what could have been a fatality, ended only in a scare.



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