McLaren MP4-X, the F.1 of the future?

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The engineers of the McLaren Formula 1 team let their imaginations run wild and thought about what motorsport's top-flight cars might look like in the near future. The solutions proposed gave shape to the McLaren MP4-X, a vehicle very different from the F.1 of today. It stands out for having a closed cabin, faired wheels and extreme aerodynamic development. The MP4-X is designed to take advantage of alternative power sources and the chassis changes shape to accommodate different aerodynamic demands.

"With the McLaren MP4-X concept we wanted to look into the future and imagine the art of the possible," admitted John Allert, director of the McLaren Technology Group. “We have combined a number of key ingredients of the F-1, such as speed, excitement and performance; with emerging narratives of the sport, such as closed cockpits to improve pilot safety and hybrid energy technologies, ”he added.

For Allert, "Formula 1 is a category of gladiators and in the future high technology will stand out as a showcase for the high performance that fans love so much."

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