Mercedes ended its agreement with a sponsor due to pressure from public opinion

This is the agreement it had with Kingspan, targeted since 2017 for the fire in a London tower in which 72 people died.

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One week. That is the time that the sponsorship agreement lasted between the team Mercedes de F1 y Kingspan, an Irish company that produces insulation and cladding products.

The idea was to have a long-term relationship and included working together on a sustainability project, but the controversy that arose after the announcement made on December 1 They forced both parties to end the relationship after just seven days.

Mercedes F1
Photo: Finn Pomeroy.

The team champion of the Maximum was harshly criticized in the UK by this agreement because Kingspan has been in the spotlight since 2017 for the Grenfell Tower fire in which 72 people died.

The main detractors of the agreement were Michael Gove, British Housing Minister, and the survivors of the catastrophe, that the social networks of the group of survivors Grenfell United they said the association was "Really shocking."

Toto wolff, head of the German team, apologized in an open letter by the "Additional damage" to the families of the victims of the deadly London Tower fire.

In that same letter it was reported that before closing the deal it had been made clear to them that Kingspan had not been related to the incident since, according to the Irish company, "A small percentage of their product was used as a substitute without their knowledge in part of the system that did not comply with building regulations and was unsafe."

But after the repercussions of the association, both parties decided to break the deal. "Announced last week, the new partnership included Kingspan as chair of a new Sustainability Working Group for the team and aimed to deliver carbon reductions through its environmentally sustainable cutting-edge solutions for the team's future campus," explained the team.

"However, both parties have subsequently concluded that it is not appropriate for the partnership to move forward at the present time, despite its anticipated positive impact, and therefore we have agreed that it will be suspended with immediate effect," concluded the press release.

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