Michael Masi, the controversial Formula 1 race director

With his decisions, the Australian, who replaced Charlie Whiting, has become another protagonist of the World Cup.

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Although in the "papers" the candidates for the title of the F1 from 2021 are Dutch Max Verstappen (Red Bull) and English Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) there is no denying that the Australian Michael Massi, race director of the highest category, has become with his decisions in the third in contention in this battle.

There has been no race in which his measurements have not been questioned, either because of your criteria or because it takes a long time to take them. And the same thing happened in the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, which was plagued with incidents, including two red flags.

Michael MassiMasi was the one decided to have Verstappen take third place for the third start after "squeezing" Hamilton in the first corner of the second exit. "Offering" that chance to Red Bull before passing the case directly to the sports commissioners ...

And it was also Masi who belatedly resolved to neutralize the race with a virtual safety car so that the track assistants could remove parts of some F.1 that had been scattered in different sectors by various touches.

Masi was born in Sydney in 1979. In 2019, after the death of Charlie whiting International Automobile Federation named it as the successor to the English. His duties include overseeing the logistics of an F.1 Grand Prix, ensuring that all cars, circuits and drivers comply with FIA regulations before, during and after a race.

In the Maxima paddock they agree that Masi does not have the mettle that Whiting had, who commanded respect for his mere presence. In fact, no one ever questioned the British's decisions.

The one who made it clear was Christian Horner himself, head of Red Bull, after the Saudi GP. “I think Formula 1 today has missed Charlie Whiting. I'm sorry to say that, but he had a lot of experience and it's frustrating and complicated for Michael and the stewards… ”.

Masi has shown in various competitions that his work is deficient. To begin with, it applies different criteria to similar situations, such as exceeding or not exceeding the limits of the track. In fact, he already had a run-in on this issue with the Spanish Fernando Alonso (Alpine).

Many claim that the Formula 1 teams themselves "They have taken the time" and that they use that to their advantage, which they never did with Whiting. Maybe it's time that Formula 1 has another race director ...

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