Michael Schumacher: Swiss neurologist claims he is in a vegetative state

His testimony appeared in a documentary broadcast on the French channel RMC Story.

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What is the health status of Michael Schumacher? That is a question that still has no answer despite the fact that seven years have passed since the serious accident suffered by the seven-time champion of F1 while skiing in the French Alps. His family says little publicly on the subject and that does nothing but fuel certain rumors, many of which indicate that Schumi is not having a good time.

The french channel RMC Story tried to expose those secrets surrounding the former pilot through a documentary titled "Michael Schumacher: in search of the truth". In this work the testimony of the Dr. Erich Riederer, a renowned neurologist in Zurich.

Based on your experience, the specialist affirms that Schumacher's condition worsened as a result of not operating on him in time when the accident occurred. December 29 2013. "They waited too long to ease the brain ..."explained Dr. Riederer.

Michael SchumacherPart of the documentary focuses precisely on those first hours after the accident of the multiple champion, who was immediately transferred to the Grenoble University Hospital (located in Grenoble, department of Isère, France). There the neurosurgeon Stephan chabardes he operated on the Kaiser to relieve intracranial hematomas.

“Neurosurgeons always say 'time is brain', that is, we must act immediately. In my opinion, it took too long for the brain to clear up. For decisions like this the passage of time destroys brain substances ", said the doctor consulted, who currently works at the Hirslanden Private Hospital Group in Zurich.

“I think he's in a vegetative state, which means he's awake but not responding. You are breathing, your heart is beating, and you can probably sit up and take small steps with someone else's help, but nothing else. I think that's the best ”, Agregó.

In the documentary, he was also consulted Luc domenjoz, Formula 1 specialist and author of several books on the life of Michael Schumacher. "We imagine that life will end soon because your body will be too weak"said Domenjoz ...

Schumacher was in an induced coma for several months and, upon awakening in mid-2014, he was transferred to a clinic to begin his rehabilitation. In September of that year, the family decided to continue with the treatments in the privacy of their home in Switzerland.

Schumacher's environment has maintained an almost strict silence regarding the former pilot's state of health. Few details of the painting were known and it was even transferred to Paris in strict secret to be treated with an innovative medical procedure in that country.

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