For Mick Doohan, Marc Márquez can win several more titles

The Australian, who also has five crowns in the premier class of the Motorcycle World Championship, was full of praise for the Spanish, brand new MotoGP Quintuple.

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Con the fifth title that the Spanish won this year Marc Márquez en MotoGP equaled one of the legends of motorcycling, the Australian Mick doohan. Between the two there are several similarities since They achieved the title with the Honda brand and even with the same sponsor, the oil company Repsol. They both met on the circuit Phillip Island, scene of the last Australian Grand Prix. There own Márquez paid tribute to the Aussie by wearing his gloves and boots. "It was fantastic. He asked my permission to do it and of course I gave it to him. It is an honor that he thought of me in this way to race in Australia "Doohan stated.

For Mick Doohan, Marc Márquez can win several more titles
At the Australian GP, ​​Márquez wore the gloves and boots that belonged to Doohan.

Regarding the similarities of the sports campaign with the Spanish, the former pilot highlighted: “Everyone wants to compare their World Cups and mine since we have the same amount and we achieve it with the same brand and the same sponsor. Mine were many years ago, but it is nice that they are remembered in this way ”.

-And what does it mean for you to see Marc win five titles with Honda like you?
-Getting five titles with the same brand is something wonderful. It is good for the sport and it is good for the factory. For me, working for Honda was fantastic. They provided me with a platform that allowed me to win. I did not need a motivation to continue driving year after year, as long as they guaranteed their commitment to continue testing, improving and bringing me what I wanted. If I had needed a motivation to change the color of my bike, maybe it would have been time to retire. Not everyone will like it, but it's the way I was and I think it's good for both parties to have a strong image with a single manufacturer.

For Mick Doohan, Marc Márquez can win several more titles
The Spanish next to one of the motorcycles that the Australian used in the 500cc.

-What impresses you most about Marc? Your titles or the way you drive?
-I think the two things go hand in hand. His piloting is impressive, there is no doubt; makes it exciting for everyone who watches it, including me. But if he didn't drive like that, he wouldn't have gotten the titles. At the same time, it is what makes you stay glued to the television. This year we have seen a great championship, with many drivers ahead, a lot of fighting. There has been a lot of emotion and Márquez has been part of it. It's an attraction when you look at MotoGP and see what's going to happen because, honestly, you can't know until the last corner.

-What is Marc's best quality?
-I think your determination and your commitment to never give up; their willingness to compete. Some say it is too aggressive, but all are. When you always go to the limit, sometimes there is not much margin for error and unfortunately there will be contact. There have always been touches, elbows, some slightly aggressive movements. But before television did not record everything and now it is like a football match, you can't do anything. If you are not aggressive, you are not going to win, and that is the determination to win. Right now, it seems that Marc has a determination and desire to win greater than anyone else.

Marc is only 25 years old and, if he doesn't get injured and keeps the desire to race, he can win two, three, four or five more World Cups ”.


-Can you imagine it on a 500cc?
-I'm sure I would have had no problems on a 500cc. Great riders like him, and he saw Valentino Rossi and others, are able to adapt to whatever bike. You could see it in my time; there were pilots who changed brands, but their results were the same. The rider, the organic part of the bike, is the one that generally makes the biggest difference. Marc could win with practically most factories.

For Mick Doohan, Marc Márquez can win several more titles
Doohan was a 500cc champion in 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997 and 1998.

-Do you see yourself reflected in any of the things Marc does?
"I'd be crazy if I said that!" No, they are different times and the only thing we could say would be the will to win and compete, to never give up. I think Marc and other riders, like Valentino, no matter where they qualify in practice, go out into the race wanting to win. It's the only similarity you can tell between me and someone like Marc. I never went to a race thinking 'I hope I can finish second'. It was always winning, and if it wasn't possible, the next best position, but always thinking about winning.

-Can you imagine competing against him?
-Yes, but if he was competing in my time, he would think 'who is Mick Doohan? Just one driver I race against. ' You are going to compete, you are going to win, and the mentality is the same. Although they are different times, I was 20 years before him, just as Agostini was before me and they asked me about him.

For Mick Doohan, Marc Márquez can win several more titles
Márquez celebrated in MotoGP in 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

-Marc is still 25 years old. What can we expect from him in the future?
-This depends on himself. He's only 25 years old and, knock on wood, if he doesn't get injured and stays in shape; strong and healthy and maintains the desire to run, even if he retires at 30, he can win two, three, four or five more championships. Statistics are something you don't think about while competing, although it is something important to the press. If everything continues as it is today and as it has been throughout your career, if you compete, you will do it to win, so if you compete for another five years, you can potentially win another five titles. But if it continues until 35, who knows.

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