MINI works in augmented reality

MINI Augmented Vision, this is the name of the project of the brand owned by BMW that aims to provide a perspective on what is expected of the future environment to the connectivity between a MINI vehicle and its driver thanks to glasses in which the content of the images is projected. surroundings.

Through the augmented reality glasses, relevant information can be seen within the driver's range of vision, without hiding other vehicles on the road, which increases safety and comfort when driving. The following functions are projected in the visible range with MINI Augmented Vision:

Destination input for the navigation system that is transmitted to the vehicle: When you are out of the vehicle, the destination points are selected through the glasses and once you enter the cabin, the information is transferred to the navigation system.

First mile / Last mile: Visualization of the navigation system from the location where the driver is to the vehicle and from the vehicle to the final destination.

Head-Up Display Features: Display of the current speed and the limits established on the busy streets, which are presented in the driver's primary vision range, which is the place above the steering wheel to ensure that no vehicle or pedestrian is hidden from the panorama.

Navigation between contacts and points of interest: The visualization is improved by means of navigation arrows between the contact list, as well as the visualization of points of interest along the route, such as open parking spaces. The driver's attention can always stay focused on traffic and the wheel.

Messages: A small icon is displayed on the glasses when a message is received, as a safety feature, the vehicle can read the message out loud while driving.

X-ray view / transparent vehicle parts: A virtual vision that allows you to look through parts of the vehicle such as posts and doors to make visible areas or objects outside the vehicle.

Increased parking: Making parking easier by projecting images onto the glasses from a camera installed in the rear view mirror. In this way, the distance from the bench can be clearly and easily determined.

The design concept and the color of the glasses were created by Designworks for MINI; while the MINI Augmented Vision was developed in collaboration with various Qualcomm companies.



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