The new Mission H24 prototype completed its first test

The test was carried out on the French circuit of Lurcy-Levis with Norman Nato at the wheel.

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The project Mission H24, focused on the development of a racing prototype powered by hydrogen and electricity to participate in the 24 Hours of Le Mans In 2024, he took a new step after the first launch of his new vehicle.

Mission H24The brand new H24, enlisted by the so-called H24 Racing, accumulated his first kilometers in the circuit of Lurcy-Levis, in central France. The development pilot Norman Nato he was able to get an idea of ​​the improvements made to the aerodynamics, the cooling system and the propulsion.

The team also tested a lighter and more compact gearbox and an electronic braking system. Thanks to a weight gain of 150 kg, which brings the H24 closer to the mass of a GT3, performance has also improved.

“It is gratifying for the whole team. We have worked hard to get the car out on the track. We know that it is the beginning of an adventure and there is still much to do. We have to find a better compromise. We will go back to looking at the battery, the fuel cell, the electric motors, the regeneration when it comes to recovering electrical energy from the electronic braking system. So now the goal is really to have everything ready and cohesive for optimal overall performance. "Said Hugues Lardy, technical coordinator of H24 Racing.

For its part, Pierre-Loup Fleury, team manager, assured: “We are satisfied with the day's work. Obviously, a new car has initial problems. But the team is motivated and determined to see it through. The potential is huge in every part of the car: the chassis, the aerodynamics, and the powertrain. The LMPH2G was truly an experimental car. We have gone one step further with the H24. We can see it in the new aerodynamic system, the new cooling system, the new battery, the new fuel cell, the new gearbox. We can really see that it is a racing car. ".

While Nato explained his feeling behind the wheel: “In terms of handling there has been no real change so far, but you have to adapt as it is much lighter. The feeling is really good in the corners, it can take you further than the previous car. Considerable progress has been made. It is what we expected… It is really promising for the future ”.





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