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How do the seven driving modes of the New Bronco Sport work?

This Ford SUV has a terrain management system to traverse any road.

La New Bronco Sport, which is already available in Argentina, is inspired by the brand's heritage and combines engineering and off-road performance with innovative features to offer its users a unique SUV. Whether in Normal, Sport or Arena, the Bronco Sport automatically modifies its driving parameters according to what its users need thanks to its Goes Over Any Terrain (GOAT) system. But what happens to the vehicle in each drive mode? The answers here ...


Ford bronco sportFor everyday handling. This mode is the default after each power cycle. In the case of wanting to lock the rear differential, it can be done and kept activated below 24 km / h.


This mode is used to achieve the maximum fuel efficiency and increased range. To achieve this, accelerator pedal response is smoothed, the engine and transmission work together to maintain high gears at low engine rpm, and the strategy prioritizes 2WD operation, minimizing the power consumed by the powertrain. .


This mode increases the response of the accelerator pedal and provides a sportier driving feel. The powertrain system maintains low gears, which keeps the engine in its optimal performance range to help the vehicle accelerate faster. The steering is optimized to give your driver a more direct and precise response, providing a sportier performance.


Ford bronco sportThe mode for mud or ruts activates 4WD operation, which can be deactivated using the commands on the center console (available in the Wildltrak version). In the case of wanting to lock the rear differential, it can be carried out and kept activated below the 48 km / h. The braking system is optimized for off-road performance, allowing quick trajectory corrections and minimizing braking distance when on buckling surfaces. What's more, the front camera system turns on below 24 km / h for better visibility. Traction (TCS) and stability (ESP) controls are less restrictive to allow the tires to slip.


For routes covered with snow or ice, or to cross terrain that has a firm surface covered with loose or damp material. This configuration smooths throttle response and optimizes gearshift strategy. The rear differential lock function is available and is activated below 24 km / h. The front view camera also turns on below this speed. It is suggested do not use this mode to drive on dry pavement to avoid damaging the transmission.


Ford bronco sportSand mode is used in the off-road driving on soft, dry sand. In this system, the lower gears stay longer to maintain momentum in smooth conditions. In addition, 4WD operation is activated - which can be deactivated using the corresponding commands - and braking is optimized in off-road conditions, allowing quick corrections of the trajectory and minimizing the stopping distance when it is on deformable surfaces. As in Mud or Slippery mode, the camera system is also activated automatically below 24 km / h.


With optimal climbing ability, Rock Roll Mode activates 4WD operation and optimizes vehicle systems (drivetrain strategy, accelerator pedal mapping, etc.) to provide increased traction at low speed. Lower gears stay in Rock Drive mode longer to minimize shifting when driving through rocks and obstacles. Mapping the accelerator pedal in this way improves acceleration control and minimizes gear changes on uneven terrain. The steering is optimized to reduce the strain on the driver.

Ford bronco sportThe mode of movement on rocks, in addition, during braking maneuvers allows quick corrections of the trajectory, minimizing the braking distance when on deformable surfaces. The rear differential lock function is also activated in this mode below 48 km / h.

In turn, in large obstacles where there is less visibility, the camera assists the driver with a forward vision of 180 °, as long as the speed does not exceed 24 km / h.

In addition to these riding modes, the Big Bend version of the Bronco Sport includes the way First (letter "L" in the rotary shifter), which maintains the transmission in first gear in the event that its user requires it (for example, the need for an engine brake, etc).



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