Electric skateboards: What does the regulatory framework specify at the national level?

The use is prohibited to minors under 16 years of age, they must use a helmet, reflective vest and circulate through streets, avenues and areas of the urban fabric up to 30 km / h.

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In recent months, the sale of electric skateboards has increased exponentially and in the streets of many cities we can already see their coexistence with the rest of the means of transport and pedestrians. However, weeks ago, a man who was driving a skateboard on the Pan-American Highway highlighted the need to update the regulations so that new vehicle technologies are contemplated throughout the country. Therefore, the Agencia Nacional de Seguridad Vial (ANSV) issued a provision that regulates the use of Vehicles for Personal Mobility (VMP), such as scooters and electric scooters.

Electric skateboardThe regulations express that any person who uses the vehicle during its circulation and therefore responsible for it will be considered a user of VMP. They can only be driven by Seniors of 16 years and shall use protective helmets, that comply with the requirements for the use of bicycles and bicycles with assisted pedaling and that have the corresponding certification. In addition, they must use high visibility safety vest that have the corresponding certification and They will not be able to bring companions.

Regarding the VMP, they must have brake system, Lighting system containing at least one white front lamp and one red rear lamp, audible alert system (horn) and speed limitation system that sets the maximum speed of circulation in 30 km/h.

Electric skateboardElectric skateboards may circulate through streets, avenues and areas of the urban fabric authorized by the competent jurisdictional authority, with the exception of those expressly prohibited by this. They will not be able to circulate by sidewalks, exclusive areas for pedestrians, routes, highways and semi-highways whatever their jurisdiction. In addition, the driver may be required to have a liability insurance. 

“Micromobility is here to stay, it is among us, that is already evident. For this reason, the National State, with this new regulation, seeks to provide a regulation that functions as an umbrella for the rest of the provinces; since until now the only city that had legislation in force was the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires ”, explained Axel Dell'olio, President of the Association for the Reduction of Road Accidents (ADISIV) that so far this year has held two conferences in online format to analyze the incorporation of these vehicles in traffic.

Electric skateboard“The electric skateboard is contemplated for the last stretch. It is an agile, practical and economical means of transport; fully combinable with the subway, train or bus. That easily explains the vertiginous increase in demand ", He added.

Sebastian Kelman, Director of the ANSV Road Safety Policy Training Center, in the Second Conference on Micromobility held in October, stated: “Micromobility is viewed with interest today because it stimulates a new way of traveling and suggests other ways of moving. That is why the new needs of society require the creation of public policies related to the construction of an inclusive and sustainable mobility model ”.

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