Just riding a roller coaster beats the thrill of driving a sports car

Forget about romance, dinner, or bingeing on series at Netflix. A new study reveals that driving a sports car daily is one of the best ways to enhance your sense of well-being and emotional fulfillment.

The study that disseminated Ford measured the "buzz moments”(The emotions that play a fundamental role in our general well-being) of the volunteers as they cheered on their soccer team, enjoyed an especially exciting episode of Game of Thrones, kissed passionately with their partner or participated in an intense class of sauce.

Only the occasional “buzz moments” caused by riding a roller coaster managed to overcome the daily excitement of commuting in a sports car.

"A roller coaster can offer you strong emotions in a fleeting way, but it does not serve to take you to work every day", assured the doctor Harry witchel, leader of Physiological Discipline. “This study shows how getting behind the wheel of a performance model does much more than take you from one place to another. It can be a valuable component of your daily wellness routines. "

Study participants who got behind the wheel of a Ford Focus RS, a Focus ST or Mustang experienced an average of 2.1 High intensity “buzz moments” during a typical daily commute, versus an average of 3 when they rode a roller coaster, 1.7 going shopping, 1.5 watching an episode of Game of Thrones or a football match, and neither is dancing salsa, dining in a good restaurant or having a passionate kiss.

- Roller Coaster 3
-Driving a sports car 2.1
-Go shopping 1.7
-Game of Thrones 1.5
-Football game 1.5
-Kiss 0
-Dance salsa 0
-Dinner 0

(*) Average of high intensity “buzz moments” per participant




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