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Custom bikes: What is your favorite style?

Bobber, Brat Style, Cafe Racer, Chopper, Custom, Scrambler, and Street Tracker. What style do you prefer?

The universe of custom motorcycles It is divided according to style, which is not always easy to identify since each one has certain characteristics. The most popular are Bobber, Brat Style, Cafe Racer, Chopper, Custom, Scrambler y Street tracker. Let's see how each one is characterized ...


Custom bikes: What is your favorite style?It is a trend that began in the late 1940s. It was started by soldiers who participated in World War II by transforming their Harley-Davidson, Indian y Triumph. Its low bikes with a long wheelbase. The chassis is rigid and equipped with wide tires of the same diameter. The rims are with spokes and the fenders simplified. They also have a heat-resistant tape on collectors and a single-seater seat.


Custom bikes: What is your favorite style?It is also known as Japan Style since its origin is Japanese. Somehow it is the mixture of two slopes: the British Cafe Racer and the American Bobber. It stands out for its classic design, wide tires, a small headlight and a slim, flat two-seater seat.


Custom bikes: What is your favorite style?The style originated in England in the 1950s and it is a product one hundred percent of the rocker culture of the moment. It has a race bike look with a semi-handlebar, a single seat in line with the fuel tank, trumpet-style tailpipes, footpegs set back to take on the position of a rider, and a cradle frame.


Custom bikes: What is your favorite style?It is a trend that was born in the United States in the 1960s. Its main characteristic is in the long travel forks and raised handlebars. It also has high-back seats. The front wheel is larger in diameter, although with a narrower tire; while the rear wheel is usually smaller and with a wider rubber.


Custom bikes: What is your favorite style?It's really about any modified motorcycle, although it does not necessarily follow a certain style. In addition, it can be a motorcycle manufactured from scratch or with certain variants with respect to the series model.


Custom bikes: What is your favorite style?They are motorcycles modified to ride on asphalt roads and run on dirt roads. Consequently they have padded seats, reduced fuel tank, spoked wheels, knobby tires, side and raised exhaust system and a number plate.


Custom bikes: What is your favorite style?It is based on the racing bikes of Dirt Track. They are identified by their mixed tires, cradle chassis, single seat tail and number plate on the front. They are usually mono and two-cylinder.



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