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Women are turning more and more to motorcycles

In Argentina, more than 1.700.000 women prefer this type of vehicle as a means of transportation.

The number of women who choose motorcycles as a means of transport is growing around the world. In our country, for example, there are more than 1.700.000 women who prefer this type of vehicle as a means of transport. This represents 16% of the total motorcycle driving licenses that were issued in the last six years, according to statistics from the Directorate of Driving Licenses and Traffic Background of the Ministry of Transportation of the Nation

In addition to the benefits of practicality to move around through the streets of the big cities, the maintenance economy, the freedom represented by feeling the wind in the face, for women a more important reason is added in these times of struggle for gender equality, to conquer new spaces that until now they were representative of men.

Thus, the motorcycle is becoming a symbol for women and they are adopting it as part of their life and they are passionate about driving it. They adapt their style to this medium and they live the experience as a step towards greater freedom, independence, learning and fun.

Many can be seen going through the streets dressed in style, without getting off their heels, skillfully handling high-displacement motorcycles. What's more, motorcycle shops increased the supply of clothing and accessories for women to travel comfortably and protected, without losing its style.

Far from the stereotype of the weaker sex, in addition to driving with skill, The women are attentive to taking care of their motorcycle and many learn about mechanics to solve problems on the street. On the other hand, there are services focused on motorcycle safety that take into account the needs of female drivers.


1- If you have to park on the street, choose bright and busy places.

2- Choose a motorcycle anti-theft system that integrates several aspects. It is ideal that it has a real-time location system and a built-in alarm. Today technology allows the driver to view his motorcycle online and monitor his vehicle digitally to prevent the irreparable disappearance of the vehicle in the event of a theft. Choose a company that, when reporting the theft, can make the recovery in the shortest possible time, and contain the driver in this circumstance.

3- Placing locks or chains will not prevent theft but it will make it more difficult.

4- Block the address when leaving it in public spaces.

5- Have insurance that supports it, in the face of irreparable damage.

About us Ituran developed a specific system for motorcycles, which reports minute by minute the positioning automatically and visibly through an APP as well as through the web. The user can also create geozones and alerts to monitor from a PC.

If the motorcycle is parked with the alarm on and is removed from the scene for any reason, it will automatically fire to make theft more difficult. In the event that the vehicle is stolen, a call to the Ituran Command and Control Center will allow its immediate recovery.



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