The fight between Red Bull and Mercedes for the Formula 1 title rises to a new level

Christian Horner, head of the Austrian team, gave his opinion about Toto Wolff, his peer on the German team.

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The rivalry between Red Bull y Mercedes for the reign of the F1 does not pass only through duels on the track between Max Verstappen y Lewis Hamilton. Thus it has been shown in the interview that Christian horner, head of the Austrian team, awarded The Guardian and in which he gave his opinion about his pair in the German team, Toto Wolff.

“I have no problem with Toto, but we are very different people. I tend to be pretty straight and pretty straightforward, that's how I've always operated. He operates in a different way, but I have a lot of respect for what he has done. "explained Horner, who at some point this year called his rival a "Control freak who should keep his mouth shut" ...

Toto wolffHorner also compared the fight he currently has with Mercedes and the ones he had in the past with other teams to try to graph Wolff's personality. "Comparing those years in which we competed against Ferrari and McLaren between 2010 and 2013, this has been very different"He said.

And then he spoke out at times when Mercedes has questioned the legitimacy of Red Bull cars. “There are many more things behind the scenes, constant campaigns with all aspects of our car, so you have to defend yourself if they attack you, as we have done since the beginning of the year, either because of the concept of aerodynamics and other aspects of the chassis. , whatever is"He said.

In addition, he analyzed the management of Wolff, who entered the team in his prime. “It entered in 2013 and the structure was already in place. Ross Brawn had built that team, Lewis (Hamilton) had already signed… Toto has done a great job running the team and maintaining its performance, but of course he has never experienced anything other than winning. So now it's a different kind of pressure. It's hard".

 The Guardian asked if there had been some kind of private communication between the two bosses to iron out the laziness, to which Horner responded bluntly: "No, I have no need for that."

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