Norberto Fontana recovered a helmet that was stolen 23 years ago

He used it to test the Formula 1 Sauber during his time with the Swiss team as a test driver.

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Like so many pilots, Norberto Fontana saves many things related to your sports campaign. Especially the helmets, which have always maintained the same design that combines the blue, light blue and white colors of the Argentine flag and yellow. The unique collection, however, was missing one piece: a helmet Arai which he had used in 1996 during his time as the team's test driver Clean de Formula 1.

The item in question was stolen from inside her mother's home in 1998, but it turned up 23 years later by chance. Christian Bodrato Mionetto, pilot of National tourism, It was seen on a girl who was on a motorcycle at the door of a bank in Tortuguitas. He was struck by the fact that it had the same design as the reef hull and that it had the name of his colleague on it. Quickly, Bodrato Mionetto sent a video to Fontana and asked if it was his helmet ...

Norberto Fontana“I knew that at some point it would appear and it appeared after 23 years. This helmet was stolen from me in 1998 in Arrecifes when the Expochacra was in the city. They stopped a truck at the door of my old woman's house and took some things, including the helmet. This helmet was the one I used to test in F.1; I used it in the Mugello tests, in Italy; and in Estoril, Portugal ”, Fontana reported on his Instagram account.

Then he related the conversation he had with Bodrato Mionetto: “He sends me a video of a girl on a motorcycle outside a bank and says, 'Norber, isn't this helmet yours? It looks original. ' I answered yes, it was me and I told him the story of the robbery. I asked him to do everything possible to get it back. I talk to these people and I get it back. A big! This helmet means a lot to me ”.

Following Fontana's request, Bodrato Mionetto spoke with the girl, telling her that it was a stolen helmet and that he had all the documentation to prove it. Offered him 20.000 pesos, the girl accepted it and the helmet returned to its rightful owner.



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