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What attracts us to the Citroën C4 Cactus?

At the next International Motor Show in Buenos Aires, Citroën Argentina will present the C4 Cactus in society. But as an avant primière, the double Chevron brand presented it in society at an event called # CitroënBrandDay. Here are the highlights of this model.

AIRBUMP: It is a useful, aesthetic and distinctive Citroën innovation that reinforces the design and protects the bodywork. This element is developed with thermoplastic polyurethane that encloses air capsules to cushion the shocks. Airbumps do not require specific maintenance and contribute directly to reducing vehicle maintenance and repair costs.

DESIGN: It is distinguished by its refined and clean surfaces, fluid volumes that flee from aggressive shapes or angles, a floating roof, a technological light signature with LED daytime running lights and optics integrated into the Airbumps.

AESTHETICS: Available in four colors (Black, Gray, White and Chocolate), the Airbumps multiply the customization possibilities by associating themselves with the seven available body colors and the four interior universes (Red Interior Harmony, Havana Interior Harmony, Purple Interior Harmony and Interior Harmony Blue).

SIZE: Its 2,60 m wheelbase allows great habitability, in compact saloon dimensions (length: 4,16 m, width: 1,73 m and its 1,48 m height) that benefits the aerodynamics.

CONFORT: The low, horizontally-lined dashboard offers more space for the front passenger and a large, easily accessible storage space. This result has been achieved by adopting a 100% digital interface and optimizing the architecture of the driving position. The passenger airbag moved towards the roof. In addition, the buttons were eliminated in favor of a 7-inch touch screen that groups all the functions and the conventional instruments have been replaced by a digital screen. The wide front seats also reflect this new approach to architecture with a sofa-inspired design. Behind, passengers have considerable knee clearance. 

INTERIOR: The exquisite interior design gives all the prominence to the cabin. The world of travel is evoked in the form of nods to leather goods, such as the handles of the doors and the latch and the hardware of the upper glove compartment of the dashboard inspired by travel trunks.

INTELLIGENT: It is clearly focused to meet the real needs of motorists with a 100% digital, 100% tactile and 100% intuitive driving interface.

DRIVING AIDS: To park without difficulty, the driver only has to manage the accelerator and brake, while maneuvers are carried out in complete safety thanks to the reversing camera, whose image is displayed on the touch screen. The Hill Assist function keeps the vehicle braked automatically for two seconds and allows easy starting on slopes greater than 3% without the risk of rolling back the vehicle. At the front, the “Cornering Light” function provides an additional light beam inside the curve that increases visibility and safety when cornering and at junctions. Driving is also made more comfortable and safer with the “Magic Wash” system that eliminates visibility problems when washing the windshield with integrated nozzles at the end of the windshield wipers where they deposit a jet of liquid.

MAINTENANCE COST: It has been reduced by close to 20% in relation to the benchmarks in the compact saloon segment thanks to the work carried out in weight optimization (1.050 kg) and the use of a more efficient engine.

NEW PURETECH 110 ENGINE: This is the first three-cylinder engine of the PSA Group that incorporates a turbocharger and direct injection of gasoline at 200 bars that deliver a maximum power of 110 hp. Its constant maximum torque of 205 Nm / 1.500 rpm, guarantees a fast response at any speed, offering at the same time pleasure and smoothness in driving. The intelligence in the architecture of this engine, which has managed to reduce its weight by almost 20 kg compared to an equivalent 4-cylinder, allows the C4 Cactus to benefit from mixed consumption levels of 5,1 l / 100 km. The efficiency of this three-cylinder is transmitted to the wheels thanks to the modern and reliable AT6 III automatic transmission, which has a compact electronic structure that ensures maximum comfort when shifting gears.


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